Russell Brand wants double date with Conchita Wurst

Russell Brand would love to go on a double date with Conchita Wurst and his podcast co-host Matt Morgan, who is thought to share the same name as the Eurovision Song Contest winner's best pal.

Russell Brand
Russell Brand

Russell Brand wants to go on a double date with Conchita Wurst.

The 39-year-old comedian and his podcast co-presenter Matt Morgan are keen to hook up with the 26-year-old drag queen - who won last year's Eurovision Song Contest - and her best friend, who is also thought to be called Matt Morgan, for an evening of fun.1

Speaking about the pair's likeness to Conchita and Matt on 'The Russell Brand Podcast', which airs on audio-sharing platform audioBoom, Matt said: "We should hook up with them ... go on a double date."

Russell replied: "We certainly should ... if you are them, or you know them, please come here now!"

The 'Rock of Ages' actor was likened to Conchita ahead of last year's Eurovision Song Contest and he fully embraced the comparisons during the event by posting a number of pictures of himself dressed as the Austrian singer.

He captioned one of the tweets: "I don't normally endorse voting but please vote for me on #Eurovision tonight. #Austria (sic)"

As well as Conchita, Russell has also revealed he was a huge fan of Wonder Woman during his younger years.

When asked who he fancied as a kid, he replied: "Wonder Woman ... do you think my sights were too high? I can't have Wonder Woman?"

When his response was met with laughter from his co-host, he said: "What, your s**t don't stink?"

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