Ryan Gosling embraces 'girl power'

Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling says he and his family are "all about girl power".

Ryan Gosling is "all about girl power".

The 34-year-old actor, who's girlfriend Eva Mendes gave birth to their baby daughter Esmerelda in September 2014, has paid tribute to the increasingly prominent female influences in his life.

Ryan said: "We're all about girl power. I have really strong female characters in my life."

The 'Drive' star made his directorial debut with 'Lost River', which sees Christina Hendricks star as a single mother who works at a seedy burlesque club.

Asked if the film has made him consider the lengths he'd go to for his own child, Ryan told The Sun newspaper: "I'm pretty new at it, so I don't really know. I'm just adjusting to it right now."

Meanwhile, Ryan recently compared Hollywood to life in high school, saying his childhood prepared him for the criticism he's received since becoming a movie star.

He reflected: "High school kind of prepares you for all this s**t. It's not that different, really.

"In high school every time you stuck your neck out there was always a bunch of people there ready to chop your head off. Hollywood's not different."

Ryan also confessed the criticism he's received as a director is less easy to accept.

He reflected: "When you're an actor, if people don't like the movie, you just go, 'I didn't direct it. I didn't write it. It's not my fault.' But when you direct it, you just have to take it on the chin."

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