Sam Smith 'hates' debut single

Sam Smith "really hates" his single 'Money On My Mind' but thinks the rest of his debut album is "classic".

Sam Smith 'hates' debut single

Sam Smith "really hates" some of his music.

The 'Writing's On The Wall' hitmaker admitted he can't stand his single, 'Money On My Mind', though he believes most of the tracks from his first LP 'In the Lonely Hour' are "classic".

He said: "There's a few songs I really hate, but then the core of the album, songs like 'Stay With Me' , 'I'm Not The Only One' -- actually all the songs except 'Money On My Mind' -- I really love and I'm really proud of the classic-ness of the way they sound, because I still listen to them now and I still love them.

"There are a few moments [on the album] where I think to myself, 'I would have changed that. I would have done that differently'."

The 23-year-old star - who is currently working on his second album - admitted he had a "panic" about the musical direction he should take on his first record due to the popularity of 'Latch', a dance track by Disclosure which he featured on in 2012.

He told Billboard magazine: "As soon as 'Latch' had a lot of success in the UK, my label and me had a little bit of a panic.

"We were like, 'Maybe we should be doing dance?' And that's what I can hear on [my first] album -- there's two or three songs where I can hear the little wobble, but the rest of the album is what I set out to make from the beginning.

"But I still love my album, but I'm loving my new one more."

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