Samsam Bubbleman achieves new Home-inspired world record

Samsam Bubbleman achieves new world record in London.

Samsam Bubbleman
Samsam Bubbleman

Samsam Bubbleman entered the Guinness Book of Records for the world's largest free-floating bubble.

His effort measured a staggering 23.1 cubic metres, which is the same size of two family cars or 150,000 tennis balls.

He explained: "It has been my most challenging record yet with a number of crucial elements coming together - the equipment, my top secret bubble solution, weather conditions and most importantly what I call my 'inner bubble'.

"I needed to approach a near meditative state to create this bubble - closing my eyes, deep breaths and incredible concentration and patience."

The stunt was inspired by DreamWorks' bubble-powered new animation 'Home', which is open in UK cinemas from today (20.03.15).

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