Sandra Bullock's tribute to 'working mamas'

Sandra Bullock paid tribute to "working mamas" everywhere as she took home the People's Choice Award for Favourite Movie Actress.

Sandra Bullock's tribute to 'working mamas'

Sandra Bullock dedicated her People's Choice Award to "working mamas".

The 'Gravity' star - who has children Louis and Laila - was named Favourite Movie Actress at last night's (06.01.16) ceremony and paid tribute to women who balance their parental duties and careers.

In her acceptance speech, she said: "I was trying to figure out why I love what I do so much, and it wasn't so much the end result.

"It's the people I meet, and the memories I make, and once again, you, the people, have allowed me to be in great company tonight with these women I share this category with ...

"They all break molds, push that glass ceiling up, and they're all mamas. We're all working mamas who love what we do."

Meanwhile, the 51-year-old actress also recalled a conversation she had with her son earlier in the evening when he saw her all dressed up for the award show.

When he found out where she was going, he wanted to know if he had been nominated for an award, to which his mother said would only happen if he had appeared in a movie or a television show.

He insisted he had - in 'Videos 2015', which are "the videos [Sandra] shoots on her iPhone" - and told his mother he would want to say "thank you to the world and thank you to the planet" in his acceptance speech.

To the audience gathered at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, she continued: "On behalf of 'Videos 2015,' thank you to the planet, and on behalf of this momma, I would like to say thank you to the people on this planet for once again the great company, giving me a memory, and this [award]."

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