Scott Eastwood shuns Hollywood life

Scott Eastwood won't live in Hollywood because he prefers living in San Diego, where he can pursue his hobbies.

Scott Eastwood won't move to Los Angeles.

The 'Longest Ride' actor - whose father is screen legend Clint Eastwood - would rather lead a relaxed life in San Diego where he can pursue his hobbies than dwell amongst the bright lights of Hollywood.

He said: "I live in San Diego, I'm a surfer and I like the outdoors and I do a lot of fishing and outdoor stuff, and LA's just really not for me."

The 29-year-old star previously lived in Australia so he could pursue his hobby of surfing.

Speaking on 'Sunrise', he said: "I lived out there [in Australia] when I was about 20 years old- so almost 10 years ago.

"I lived in the Gold Coast, I lived right on Burleigh Heads, and right out in between Coolangatta for a little bit and down in Manly [in Sydney], Manly Beach.

"So I was sort of all over, and I just sort of chased the surf for a while."

In 'The Longest Ride', Scott plays a bullfighter but was forced to secretly ride the animal after being forbidden from doing so by movie bosses.

He admitted: "I sat on a lot of the bulls during the film!

"Of course Fox didn't want me to buck a bull, they said, 'Absolutely no way, the insurance company would not approve that' so I went behind their back and did it after we finished filming actually.

"It was scary, it was a bucket list item though. One of my best buds had done it and he told me pretty much if I didn't do it that I'd never hear the end of it."

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