Seamstress Kelly Rowland

Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland has revealed she makes some of her seven-month-old son Titan's clothes.

Seamstress Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland makes her son's clothes.

The Destiny's Child singer - who has seven-month-old son Titan with husband Tim Witherspoon - has started designing her own outfits for her little one, leading her to think about the possibilities of launching a clothing line.

She said: "Because I have had Titan, I have been so intrigued with children clothes and I even make some of Titan's clothes from scratch, 'cause some of the things I see, I am like, 'That would be so cute for him' and I get it cut down and made for him.

"So if I am this intrigued by it, I said maybe I should tap into it a little bit and see what happens."

The 34-year-old star also revealed she isn't quite ready to give Titan a little brother or sister just yet.

When asked about possibly expanding her family, she added to E! News: "Not for a while, not for a while.

"I am almost at my goal weight after this baby. I want to give it another three years. I absolutely want to give him a brother or sister - just one more I will have. Just not right now."

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