Sheryl Crow's work - life balance

Sheryl Crow loves having a recording studio in her Nashville home so that she can be close to her children.

Sheryl Crow's work - life balance

Sheryl Crow has installed a recording studio in her Nashville home so that she can focus on her children.

The 54-year-old singer had originally wanted her 50-acre estate to be a "sacred space" away from work but soon decided that being a single mother to her sons Wyatt, nine and six-year-old Levi meant that bringing her work home was the best solution.

Speaking to Country Living's June music-themed issue, about converting her barn to a studio, she said: "When I bought this property, I thought it would be nice to have a space that has nothing to do with work - just a quiet and sacred place to gather. It's very private, and that really spoke to me.

"[But] it's ideal because I'm a single mom. I can go to work just down the driveway. It's a great gathering place. We've had a lot of really good fund-raising events here."

Sheryl adopted both of her sons and previously revealed they know "that they came out of different tummies. But they also believe, as do I, that God put us together.

""They know how blessed I am to get to be their mommy. So when they're mad that I won't let them play video games, I say, 'God put me in charge. I'm raising you-all the best that I can, and some decisions are not fun.'"

Meanwhile, Sheryl loved being able to put her own stamp on the home, explaining: "I've always loved old stuff. I got my love of antiquing - we called it junking - from my mom."

Having a huge 50-acre estate has also given Sheryl plenty of room for her large collection of cowboy boots as she revealed: "At one time, I owned almost 200 pairs, but I've auctioned some off for charity."

Sheryl isn't the only star to feature in the June issue with Carrie Underwood, Trisha Yearwood and Kacey Musgraves all appearing in the magazine.

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