Sienna Miller: Boarding school was an adventure

Sienna Miller says her time at boarding school was a girlie "adventure" and taught her a lot about women.

Sienna Miller: Boarding school was an adventure

Sienna Miller says boarding school was a non-stop girlie "adventure".

The 33-year actress was sent away to study Heathfield School, Ascot, in Berkshire, in South East England, by her parents Josephine and Edwin when she was just eight years old.

Although she found it hard at first to be away from her family, Sienna soon bonded with her fellow pupils and learned so much about life there.

She said: "At the beginning when you go, you have a yearning for home. Then you get a sense of strength and independence. There's something about that experience that allows me today to understand any woman. If you live with lots of girls you will form a strong bond with some, then at some point everyone has their first period and then become fickle, but everything seems a collective adventure."

Sienna's experience at boarding school has meant that she prefers to form friendships with women rather than men as an adult.

Speaking to IO Donna magazine, she explained: "I need friends, and over the years my relationships with my friends has become more solid. For me, it's easier to trust a girl. Today, I feel united to all women in the world and I want to fight for their rights."

Although the 'Burnt' star took away many positives from boarding school she has no intention of sending her three-year-old daughter Marlowe - her child with ex-fiancé Tom Sturridge - away to study.

She insisted: "No I wouldn't send her, for heaven's sake, I want her with me."

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