Sinitta: No more kids for Simon Cowell

Snitta would love Simon Cowell to have more children but thinks he, Lauren Silverman, and their two-year-old son Eric are already a "perfect" family.

Sinitta: No more kids for Simon Cowell

Sinitta doesn't think Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman will have more kids because their life is "perfect how it is".

The 'So Macho' singer - who has adopted son Zac, 10, and daughter Magdalena, 11, with her now ex-husband Andy Willner - is still very close to her former boyfriend and though she thinks it would be "amazing" if he and his girlfriend had more children, they are happy as they are with two-year-old Eric.

She told Star magazine: "Eric is so perfect. I think it's all perfect how it is. But if more children came it would also be amazing. My children absolutely love playing with him and they all play well together."

Sinitta is close to the family and revealed Eric - who calls her 'Auntie Nita' - is already a great swimmer.

She said: "He's an amazing swimmer. He can swim underwater and he can dive down deep and retrieve things from the bottom of the pool. It's really extraordinary for a child his age."

But Eric doesn't like lessons because he doesn't like being "told what to do".

She added: "He hates having an actual structured swimming lesson from a coach because he hates being told what to do which is very similar to his dad."

Simon recently admitted Eric is already a good "critic" and he likes having him at the 'America's Got Talent' auditions.

He said: "I've got to tell you, he's going to be my little right-hand man - anything he likes I like.

"He's brilliant, he comes down to the auditions and really enjoys the acts. He's very good to watch, funnily enough, because I can see when he's bored and when he's up dancing. He's a good critic already. He's unpaid, but he's helping me!"

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