Sofia Richie: My sister Nicole has warned me off drugs

Model Sofia Richie has revealed her older sister Nicole Richie has shared her experiences of drug use with her in a bid to scare her off experimenting with illegal substances.

Sofia Richie: My sister Nicole has warned me off drugs

Sofia Richie's sister Nicole Richie has given her advice to stay clear of drugs.

The 17-year-old model - whose parents are Lionel Richie and his second wife Diane Alexander - has a very close bond with 34-year-old Nicole, who was adopted by the singer and his first spouse Brenda.

Nicole has been very open with her sibling about her own struggles with heroin use and has warned Sofia to never give in to peer pressure and be tempted to experiment with illegal substances.

Speaking to the new issue of ES Magazine, Sofia said: "People look at me thinking, 'Oh, you are probably going to go through the same thing.' (Nicole) says, 'Don't let people pressure you to do what they think is cool, like taking drugs. Be true to yourself.' "

When Sofia was growing up, Nicole would always take her out and let her younger sister do things their dad wouldn't let her.

She added: "Nicole was crazy and fun. She would take me to places I wasn't supposed to go to, like fairs, and she would let me have foods that I wasn't allowed to eat, like cotton candy."

Sofia - who also has an older brother Miles, 21 - admits she has learned so much from her music legend dad Lionel, 66.

The budding fashion star doesn't think she would have the drive to succeed on the catwalk if it wasn't for the 'Hello' singer.

Sofia said: "There are parents with wealth who just want their kids to be wealthy and then there are other parents with money who want to teach their kids how they got it. That's what my dad was like. He grew up in a small house and they didn't have much, so he is like, 'You guys are way more blessed than I was.' We go back to Alabama all the time. He still has the same house that he grew up in."

The full interview with Sofia Richie appears in this week's issue of ES Magazine.

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