Spiritual Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande first visited a Kabbalah centre when she was just 11 years old because spirituality was important to her.

Spiritual Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande realised "spirituality was important" to her at just 11.

The 22-year-old singer visited a centre run by mystical Jewish faith Kabbalah at a young age both to support her older brother Frankie Grande, who was feeling disenchanted by Catholicism because of its teachings on homosexuality, and because she was looking for something to fulfill her.

She said: "When they built the Kabbalah centre in Boca, my brother and I checked it out.

"As a gay man, my brother was feeling hurt by the Pope, so I went with him for support.

"I was really young, but the book I was reading was called The Way and it helped me decide that spirituality was important to me."

The 'Problem' hitmaker - who is now dating Ricky Alvarez and previously dated Big Sean and Nathan Sykes - admitted she frequently got into trouble for "kissing boys" when she was very young.

She said: "I believe I was [a well-behaved child], though when I was in preschool, I was always sent to the principal's office for kissing boys in the playground.

"But it got to the point where as soon as I got to the principal's office, he'd just hand me a bag of M&Ms."

Ariana finds it frustrating to have a reputation as being difficult or a diva but believes the tags are slowly fading as she shows more of herself in public.

She told Sunday Times Style magazine: "[The labels] come with being a woman in the industry. I think it's gone away as I've shown people who I am and let them see my personality more and more."

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