Stephen Fry says Little Mix's music is 'horrible'

According to Stephen Fry, Little Mix's music is "horrible" and "toxic".

Stephen Fry says Little Mix's music is 'horrible'

Stephen Fry thinks Little Mix's music is "horrible" and "toxic".

The 58-year-old entertainer was left feeling unimpressed with the girl group after listening to their hit single 'Love Me Like You' for the first time.

After he was played the record, Stephen told the BBC: "Horrible. Oh horrible. It's just bubblegum pop. They're not still singing sha-la-la-la are they?"

And when he was told who the song was by, the comedian admitted he'd never heard of Little Mix.

He observed: "It's got bits of Phil Spector right at the background through seventies bubblegum pop into a modern version.

"It's a hideous, toxic compound. It's basically the musical equivalent of Haribo Starmix."

Stephen was also played Justin Bieber's chart-topping single 'Love Yourself', which he described as having a "dreary, moany" sound.

However, he subsequently said: "I quite like it. It's quite sweet ... he's got a better voice than I thought he had."

Bieber is currently vying for the coveted Christmas number one spot in the UK, but has encouraged his fans to instead buy the NHS Choir's rival single because the money is being donated to charity.

He wrote on Twitter: "so for 1 week it's ok not to be #1. Let's do the right thing & help them win. It's Christmas. @Choir_NHS good luck (sic)"

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