Suge Knight attorney to claim he didn't see people in hit and run

Suge Knight's new attorney Matt Fletcher is set to argue in court that the music mogul couldn't see the man he killed by hitting him with his car in January because he is legally blind in his left eye.

Suge Knight
Suge Knight

Suge Knight didn't see the man he killed in an alleged hit-and-run because he's legally blind in his left eye, his lawyer has claimed.

The Death Row Records is accused of murdering California businessman Terry Carter in January and injuring 'Training Day' star Cle 'Bone' Sloan by deliberately running them over with his car following an altercation.

However, his new attorney Matt Fletcher is set to argue in court that when Knight struck Sloan for the first time with his vehicle it was because he didn't have a clear view of his left side which could have prevented him from turning left and escaping the incident.

Also, Fletcher will argue that Carter was standing on Knight's left side when he re-entered the parking lot, so the rap mogul may not have been able to clearly see him before hitting with his vehicle.

He also was unsure if either of the two men was in possession of a gun, as Knight allegedly heard Carter shout "should I shoot him?"

Knight's lawyer Fletcher told TMZ that the record producer is blind in his left eye because he suffers from glaucoma, a side effect of the diabetes he suffers from.

Since being incarcerated, Knight, 49, has suffered from numerous health problems and has spoke about his impaired eyesight on several occasions during his court appearances, telling a Los Angeles criminal court judge last week he only had "15 per cent" vision in his right eye as well as being blind in the other.

Knight has been charged with deliberately striking and killing Carter with his vehicle outside a fast-food restaurant after getting into a fight with him on the nearby set of a movie involving rappers Ice Cube and Dr. Dre.

He has also been charged with attempted premeditated murder as 'Training Day' actor Cle 'Bone' Sloan, 51, was injured in the recent hit and run incident.

If convicted he faces up to life in state prison.

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