Sunny TV shows 'make us feel more upbeat'

MTV''s 'Ex on the Beach' is among a number of shows that can help improve our mood, according to new research.

'Ex on the Beach'
'Ex on the Beach'

TV shows shot in sun-drenched locations can help improve our mood, new research has suggested.

Emma Kenny, a TV psychologist, has suggested Brits needn't leave their sofas in order to feel upbeat about life, because of sunny shows like MTV's 'Ex on the Beach'.

She explained: "During the winter months, it's easy for people in the UK to feel under the weather.

"The long, dark evenings can leave us feeling pretty down in the dumps! And very often we believe that our moods are controlled by external forces, but this actually is incorrect.

"We are in charge of our feelings and we can do lots to improve our moods as long as we are in the driving seat."

MTV's 'Ex on the Beach' is the sunniest show on TV, emitting sunshine almost constantly throughout.

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