The Osmonds banned egos

The Osmonds weren't afraid to "bang on the head" any sibling who developed an ego.

The Osmonds banned egos

Donny Osmond "got knocked on the head" by his siblings when he developed an ego.

The musical family would never let one another get carried away by their fame and success and relied on each other to stay grounded, though they also think being so close helped them navigate the rollercoaster of fame.

Jimmy Osmond said: "We had each other. When things went wrong we were there, and when things went right we were there to knock each other on the head. A lot of kids don't have that.

"We promised each other when we started hearing voices we're just gonna start locking each other up.

"We had days when a member of our band. Brother, sibling, sister or whatever, thinks they're so that, so we all just up and bang 'em on the head."

Jay Osmond added: "Donny got knocked on the head a couple of times. But at some point we realised it took a massive machine and all of us putting our little pieces of the puzzle together, creating this brand.

"I think, Donny, everyone recognises, Marie recognises, there would be a Donny, Marie or jimmy if it wasn't for Alan, Merrill or Jay."

Jimmy, Jay and Merrill Osmond are currently touring together and are always happy to play their old hits for fans because they're not doing it for the money.

Jimmy said: "We'll do the oldies. They're coming to your shows, especially the nostalgic group, to remember their lives when we were lucky enough to be on the radio. That's what they paid for, for Pete's sake.

"Otherwise it's just about you making more money and that's not what it's about. You know I went to a big name concert not so long ago and I was so excited to hear the hits.

"And they were like 'I'm not gonna play any of that'. Well I'm out of here, because that's what I paid for. People that don't do the hits, that's crazy."

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