Tom Daley is allergic to chlorine

Tom Daley has revealed he's allergic to chlorine and has to take regular showers when he's diving to ensure the chemical in the pool doesn't damage his skin.

Tom Daley is allergic to chlorine

Tom Daley is allergic to chlorine.

The 22-year-old Olympic diver may have spent the past 16 years representing Britain in the gruelling sport but he has admitted he's not a "natural water baby" and has to jump straight into the shower after lunging off the 10 metre platform because the chemical in the pool sheds his skin.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, he said: "I'm allergic to chlorine! I make sure I shower as soon as I get out of the pool to stop the chlorine drying on my skin as it can really irritate me. I may be an Olympic diver, but I'm not a natural water baby."

The handsome television personality's revelation comes just hours after he claimed he's a "terrible swimmer" and really struggles to stay afloat for the whole length of a pool.

Speaking in a video posted on his YouTube account, Tom - who picked up the bronze trophy at the London Olympics in 2012 - explained: "I'm a terrible swimmer. If you see me in a swimming pool instead of a diving pool I'll probably be struggling. Please kindly guide me to the diving boards."

And, although he spends a large proportion of his day practising his dives, Tom - who is currently training for the Olympic games in Rio this summer - doesn't take his diet that seriously and has admitted he regularly gorges on sweet treats.

He added: "Being an athlete, you're probably thinking I only eat chicken, fish and vegetables but, like a lot of people, I have a sweet tooth so every now and then I do like to have something sweet."

Tom's revelations come as part of the Volvic Touch of Fruit, Reveal Your Flavour, campaign which aims to empower the nation to have the strength of character to reveal their true passions with friends and family via

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