Two percent of Brits eat breakfast on the toilet

A survey commissioned by breakfast drink Up&Go has revealed that a huge number of Britons choose to skip breakfast altogether while a small percentage can only find time to eat their cereal while they're on the toilet.

Brits eat breakfast on the loo
Brits eat breakfast on the loo

A survey has found that two percent of Britons eat their breakfast on the toilet.

The research, which was carried out on behalf of the new breakfast drink Up&Go, revealed some of the bizarre breakfast habits of those living in Britain, with over a third confessing to eating leftover takeaway first thing in the morning and a further sixty per cent skipping the most important meal of the day altogether.

Over a third of those questioned admitted to having eaten chocolate or crisps for breakfast and others revealed they often opted for energy drinks or coffee to get them going in the morning rather than a healthy meal.

Up&Go's UK Marketing Director Rosie Foster-Carter explained how you can avoid eating leftover curry on the toilet by swapping it for a simple drink.

She said: "With 40% consuming breakfast away from the kitchen table we understand that not everyone has time to sit down at home for breakfast. Up&Go provides these busy people with a nutritious and convenient option giving them the freedom in the morning's to make the most of their day."

Up&Go is available in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry at most major supermarkets now.

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