Vogue Williams 'friends for life' with ex Brian

Brian McFadden's estranged wife Vogue Williams insists the former couple will remain close friends despite their split.

Vogue Williams 'friends for life' with ex Brian

Vogue Williams and Brian McFadden will stay friends for life.

The 29-year-old model split from her singer husband last month after three years of marriage, but the former couple have stayed in touch and will remain on good terms.

Vogue said: "We're still friends. We're still in touch. I saw him this weekend.

"I think that if we can get a friendship out of it, then that's good. We'll definitely [stay friends for life]."

Though Vogue admits she is experiencing a "sad" time, she is doing fine and throwing herself into work to get over her heartbreak.

She said: "It's quite a sad time at the moment but I'm doing OK, I'm not too bad.

"I'm keeping busy and hanging out with friends and family. I try and stay focused on my work and my training, and all the good things. I'm lucky that I have really lovely friends."

The blonde beauty insists the split hasn't put her off marrying again one day.

Asked where she sees herself in a year, she told Star magazine: "I don't really think ahead that far, I'll just take each day as it comes. It's not changed my perception of marriage."

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