Will Poulter's friends keep him grounded

Will Poulter says he has his friends to thank for keeping him grounded.

Will Poulter's friends keep him grounded

Will Poulter's pals keep him grounded.

The 23-year-old actor feels "lucky" to have such good friends who have helped him maintain a "very regular attitude".

He said: "I was lucky that I had friends who have maintained a very regular attitude with me and haven't changed how they interact with me. I have got some fantastic friendships that I have had for a long, long time."

And 'The Revenant' star insists he is very different from his parents and sister, who all work in the medical profession.

He added: "They all do far more important jobs than me, and get a lot less attention and reward for it. Not that I could follow in their footsteps even if I wanted to - I didn't exactly have a host of amazing science grades. I had nothing else going for me at school. I lived for my one lesson of drama a week."

Will can next be seen starring alongside Brad Pitt in 'War Machine' and he admits he found himself in fits of laughter throughout filming.

He told the Evening Standard: "I find myself struggling not to laugh on lots of occasions. Brad was brilliant but at the same time totally believable. If I tried to do comedy for the rest of my career I would not be very successful."

Meanwhile, Will previously admitted he was a bit overwhelmed when he attended the Golden Globes as he didn't really feel like he "belonged there".

He shared: "I've never been part of a film that's had this type of attention, and it's not as if we made it with this world in mind. The Globes were amazing, because that in itself is a massive production: I didn't feel like I belonged there at all, so it was strange being a sort of fly on the wall. But I'm glad of any opportunity for a bit of fun after what was a shoot with, well, not too many opportunities for fun."

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