Will Smith doubts himself as a husband

Will Smith admits he often doubts himself as a husband, father and an actor, and he believes he'll always be like that.

Will Smith
Will Smith

Will Smith doesn't think he'll ever be a "good enough" husband.

The 46-year-old actor admits he'll never be proud of his achievements in life, despite his successful career, and often doubts himself as a spouse to Jada Pinkett Smith, whom he married in 1997, and father to Trey, 22, Jaden, 16, and Willow, 14.

Speaking in Esquire magazine, he explained: "I'm the type of person who is always going to be somewhat dissatisfied with myself. I'm never going to be smart enough. I'm never going to be a good enough father. I'm never going to be a good enough husband. I'm never going to be a good enough actor for myself.

"I just never will be, and I have to get comfortable with waking up every day and trying to move some little increment close to the person I have always dreamed of being."

The hunky star also opened up about how the flop of 'After Earth' "was a valuable lesson" and "the most painful failure" in his career.

Speaking about the 2013 movie, which made just $60 million in the US off a $130 million budget, Will said: "'After Earth' comes out, I get the box-office numbers on Monday and I was devastated for about 24 minutes, and then my phone rang and I found out my father had cancer. That put it in perspective -- viciously."

He added: "That Monday started the new phase of my life, a new concept: Only love is going to fill that hole. You can't win enough, you can't have enough money, you can't succeed enough. There is not enough. The only thing that will ever satiate that existential thirst is love."

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