Will Young: Kanye West is a really good musician

Will Young has insisted Kanye West is "a really good musician" after recently describing him as "awful".

Will Young: Kanye West is a really good musician

Will Young thinks Kanye West is "a really good musician".

The 36-year-old singer insists he is a fan of the 'All Day' rapper after he recently described him as "awful", saying his "arrogance completely over-runs him as a musician."

Clarifying his comments, he explained: "I just shoot my mouth off sometimes.

"I'm always honest and hopefully not rude, but I just think I don't really like those ostentatious ways of being. I think he's really talented, Kanye West, it's just a shame that some of the things he says aren't so talented.

"I think he's a really good musician and I think what he says clouds what his music is."

The former 'Pop Idol' contestant - who recently released his sixth studio album '85% Proof' - continued to say he wants to see what's "underneath" the 21-time Grammy Award winner's arrogant persona because he's keen to discover who he is as "a real person".

Speaking on ITV's 'Loose Women', he explained: "Arrogance just isn't attractive. It's a shame, what I said is actually underneath that [arrogance], I'm actually more interested in that because that's vulnerability and that's what music is. And I think that arrogance always hides insecurities and I'm interested in insecurities because that's a real person."

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