Woman feared laughter would kill her

Claris Diaz developed a mystery illness that caused her to fear she might die every time she laughed.

The problem has been cured
The problem has been cured

A woman who developed a mystery illness feared she might die every time she laughed.

Claris Diaz, who now lives in Cardiff but is originally from California, developed a very rare brain disease that meant she could be killed by prolonged laughter or a chuckle.

Claris - who has undergone brain operations to successfully correct the problem - told Wales Online: "Sometimes I would lose my speech and occasionally I would urinate myself.

"It occurred almost every single time that I went to my band practice class where I was learning how to play the flute.

"If it wasn't during band practice, it would happen whenever I would laugh extensively or participate in any physical activity that raised my breathing rate."

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