Woman with enormous breasts seeks love

Kirsty Love, who has breasts weighing 15.8lbs each, has revealed she is looking for a man.

Kirsty Love
Kirsty Love

A woman with breasts weighing 15.8lbs each is looking for love.

Kirsty Love's breasts weigh the same as a small child, and although she's found they inhibit her quality of life, she's decided now is the right time to find a man.

She said: "My boobies do not need to be alone. It's time for them to find a man."

And Kirsty - who's from Atlanta, Georgia - said that while she used to see her breasts as a hindrance, she has come to embrace them.

She explained to TLC's Strange Love: "I carry everything in there; perfume, cell phone, car keys, driving license."

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