Bonnie Loo has never been on a date

Yet the Campus Superstar 4 winner is able to pull off love songs from her album

罗美仪泪洒记者会  爆歌艺遭狠批“不行”4

It was a dream come true for Campus Superstar 4 winner Bonnie Loo when she finally released her first album BONNIE. Her joy was evidently seen from her long “award-winning” thank you speech and tears of joy at the launch of her debut album on Wednesday.

Bonnie, who hopes to showcase an all-rounded side of herself through the different genres of songs in her self-titled Bonnie, gave the media a preview of three tracks including her title hit ‘Don’t Want To Admit.’

As the song describes the feelings a person has while facing his or her ex-lover, the album producer had requested for her to bring out the sorrow of the lyrics, shared Bonnie, during her interview with xinmsn.

This request proved to be challenging for the young singer who has no dating experience, and her album producer, See Kwang Seng, revealed at the press conference that he once told her bluntly, “Your feelings are not there. You can’t sing like that. It’s awful.”

When the host of the gig, Y.E.S. 93.3FM DJ Kunhua, asked if he “did it on purpose to bully her”, the producer said it was to give her more pressure to improve.

The newbie added that it should be roles reversal as she was “torturing him”  instead of the producer “bullying me” as she was unable to deliver what he wanted and wasted his time in return.

罗美仪泪洒记者会  爆歌艺遭狠批“不行”3

Filming intimate scenes for music video

To bring out the sorrowful side of the song, Bonnie shared that she had imagined herself dealing with unreciprocated love. Besides the hiccups she faced during the recording of ‘Don’t Want To Admit,’ the 20-year-old also had several “No-Good” (NG) takes while shooting the music video.

Having met the MV’s male lead for the first time on the day of the shoot, Bonnie struggled with their lovey-dovey intimate scenes together.

Although she has never been on a date, the shy Malaysian-born singer was honest when asked if she has received any love confessions.

“Yes there are lah, but I want to focus on my career first,” said Bonnie, adding that she is more passive when it comes to matters of the heart and will let things take its course.

“I will not confess my feelings to him. It will probably be like the lyrics of ‘Don’t Want To Admit’ where I like him secretly until he realises it.”

罗美仪泪洒记者会  爆歌艺遭狠批“不行”2

Yearns for more acting opportunities

Bonnie signed on music label S2S after winning the singing competition and her fellow label-mate Tay Kewei, MediaCorp actress Sora Ma, songwriter Zhang Le Sheng as well as her parents attended the press conference to show their support.

Other artistes such as Terence Cao, Priscelia Chan, You Yi, local A Capella group MICapella and her co-actor for musical Innamorati Wong Jing Lun also sent their well wishes through a pre-recorded video, causing her to erupt into tears of joy.

Sharing that she is an emotional person, Bonnie said, “I am someone who cries very easily. I cried (on stage) just now because I have finally achieved my goal of sharing my music with everybody.”

Also a MediaCorp actress, she has participated in several local dramas such as The Caregivers, C.L.I.F. 3 and Against The Tide which is currently airing. These experiences have sparked her interest in acting although she confesses that she “still has a lot of room for improvement and is in the learning phase”.

Besides promoting her album, Bonnie reveals she will be diving into another acting project soon and hopes to be a multi-hyphenate like her idol, Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao.

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BONNIE will be available in all CD stores from Oct 24.

This interview is translated by Jovina Ng.

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