Celebrity Spooky Tales: Why won’t you go away?

Dawn Yeoh, Ian Fang and Jeffrey Xu had a brush with paranormal beings who just wouldn’t leave them alone

Celebrity Spooky Tales: Why won’t you go away?

We might have kept the scariest tales for the last. In our final edition of Celebrity Spooky Tales, we hear about paranormal friends that just wouldn’t leave these artistes and their friends alone – and the consequences were no laughing matter either.

From an unexplainable fragrance that overpowered Dawn Yeoh to an eerie wailing that just kept getting closer to Jeffrey Xu’s home, huddle under the covers for this week’s terrifying tales.

Catch it all on Toggle’s special series, Celebrity Spooky Tales - watch it if you dare. Missed out on the first two installments of the series? Check out week one’s spooky encounters in living abodes and week two’s goosebump-raising army tales, only on Toggle.

Dawn Yeoh

Filming in the studio is never easy work – especially if you’re being distracted by a smell you just can’t identify. Flowery, overpowering and ever-present, what exactly did Dawn smell that one fateful day, and why did nobody else admit to it too?

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