Chen Tian Wen’s wife is three months pregnant

The actor found out that that he was going to be a father last month

Chen Tian Wen’s wife is three months pregnant

Six months after tying the knot in a lavish, star-studded ceremony, Chen Tian Wen has revealed that he’s going to be a father for the first time – his wife Bao Xiao Hui is currently three months pregnant.

The MediaCorp artiste, who is currently filming ongoing long-form drama 118, revealed to xinmsn in a phone interview today that they found out the good news last month. The baby’s due date is in mid-June next year.

Although the couple is clearly overjoyed, Tian Wen admitted that they are also at a slight loss of what to do due to the unexpected – but welcome – turn of events. They have been trying for a little one but were still caught by surprise when they successfully conceived.

“We feel an extra sense of responsibility and that we have a lot of things to reconsider,” said the veteran actor, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at last year’s Golden Horse Awards for his role in Ilo Ilo. He added that he will not be giving up his showbiz career as he still needs to earn money to provide for his growing family.

When asked if they are hoping for a girl or a boy, Tian Wen let on that he hopes to keep the gender a surprise (even for himself) until the day their bundle of joy is delivered. His wife, on the other hand, wants a girl because she feels that a daughter will be more filial.

Chen Tian Wen’s wife is three months pregnant

Unfortunately, Xiao Hui does not seem to be coping well with the physical predicaments of pregnancy. The mother-to-be, who is 21 years Tian Wen’s junior, has been experiencing severe bouts of morning sickness, and easily throws up whatever she has just eaten.

One major change Tian Wen made in his life as soon as he discovered his new daddy-to-be status was to kick his 30-year drinking habit, as the 51-year-old wants to be in tip-top condition to care for his child. As a result, his weight dropped from 83kg to 77kg in just over a month.

He has also cut back on after-work social activities with his 118 co-stars, who usually go out for meals after a day of filming. Before choosing to reveal his wife’s pregnancy, he would excuse himself by saying she was feeling unwell at home.

While preparations for the new arrival are yet to be underway, they have plans to convert the guestroom into a baby room, and are already looking for a confinement nanny. Tian Wen also said that the crib will likely come from his family’s furniture company.Now that baby number one is already on its way, can we expect to hear news of number two a few years down the road?

Well, that depends on which parent gets their way: mama feels that one will be enough, and papa thinks two would be ideal. “An only child would be too lonely!”

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