Chen Tian Wen welcomes newborn son

The ‘Unbelievable’ breakout star finally joins the ranks of fatherhood and is now a proud papa of one baby boy


Photo: The Celebrity Agency

Our heartiest congratulations to Chen Tian Wen and his wife on the latest addition to their family. The baby boy, who was originally due to arrive on Monday this week, finally made his highly-anticipated appearance this afternoon.

According to a statement shared by The Celebrity Agency, Tian Wen’s son weighs a healthy 3.54 kg. The 52-year-old said he will let the elders in his family decide on the baby’s name and joked that the baby will be nicknamed “Xiao Un (yes, that’s ‘un’ for unbelievable)” for now.

In a phone interview with Toggle, Tian Wen shared that his wife went into labour at round midnight today and finally gave birth to their son 10 hours later at 2.13 pm. When asked to describe his first impression of his son, the new father laughingly said: “He’s cuter than I thought he would be… The baby has a lot of hair! He’s really quite hairy – even I don’t have that much hair.”

The first-time father accompanied his wife in the delivery room and shared that he even played his hit song from Channel 5 sitcom Spouse for House, hoping his son would respond to it.

Chen Tian Wen and his wife

“When my wife was pushing, I played ‘Unbelievable’ (both the original and the SEA Games version, he adds) and ‘Sandcastle in my Heart’ because when she was pregnant, I sang these songs and he responded by kicking his mum’s tummy. So I thought if I played these songs, he’d be anxious and come out quickly.

“I also thought it’d help ease the tensed atmosphere!” chuckled Tian Wen.

His wife didn’t agree with his choice of music though, said the actor. “She said it was noisy and told me to stop playing the song (laughs). But that’s because she was in pain and would naturally be irritated by the noise.”

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