Christopher Lee gives wife Fann Wong piggy back rides

The Ah Ge piggybacks his wife on their way out to the car park “whenever the atmosphere is right” 

Married for five years and turning parents this National Day to their baby boy Zed, MediaCorp celebrity couple Christopher Lee and Fann Wong are still very much “silly in private.”

The actor, who often portrays a serious side on screen such as his mysterious novelist role in recent Channel 8 drama Against The Tide, revealed he often piggybacks his wife on their way out to the car park “whenever the atmosphere is right”.

Christopher and Fann, who acted in TV series The Return of the Condor Heroes in 1998 as Yang Guo as Xiao Long Nu respectively, would also call each other by their character names just for fun.

While both of them have taken their acting careers to Taiwan, Christopher, who bagged Best Actor award at the Golden Bell Awards last weekend, does not mind that she is better known there than he is.

“She started out a year earlier than me and it’s a healthy competition where we influence each other,” the 43-year-old said, adding that he prefers playing enemies with Fann rather than lovers if the opportunity comes. So that we can “see if she is the one who tortures me or if it will be the other way round,” he said.

Being away from home for five days for the awards ceremony made him miss Zed, who he calls “a lucky star,” dearly. The first-time father does “everything for Zed except breastfeeding” and even thinks that “his poo smells nice”.

Although Christopher could not wait to see his son and hopes to spend more time with him, he will not hesitate taking up more acting projects as he still has a responsibility to play as a father. “I have to put food on the table after all,” he quipped.

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