First-time nominees’ roaring start in SA2015 Top 20

Combined results from the first week of telepoll and online voting are out!  

Combined results from the first week of telepoll and online voting for Star Awards 2015 “Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes” and “Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes” are out!

As of 2pm yesterday (Mar 16), fresh contenders Shane Pow, Jayley Woo and Carrie Wong, who was hospitalised last Thursday due to high fever from kidney inflammation, have successfully claimed their spot in the Top 10 lists.

A testament to their huge fan bases, all five Duke nominees (Shane, Desmond Tan, Ian Fang, Romeo Tan and Xu Bin) are currently standing strong. Male artistes joining them in the ranks include Dasmond Koh, Elvin Ng, Qi Yu Wu, Shaun Chen and Zheng Geping.

As for the ladies, Rui En, Joanne Peh and Rebecca Lim continue to enjoy unrivalled popularity, while Felicia Chin, who returned to MediaCorp after five years last March, has proved to remain well-loved among local viewers.

Following her first Top 10 triumph last year, Chris Tong will be striving to score a consecutive win at Star Awards 2015. Judging from previous years’ results, fans of Paige Chua, Julie Tan and Ya Hui will have to continue voting hard to keep their idols in the list till the end.

Telepoll and online voting for the Star Awards 2015 “Top 20 Most Popular Artistes” will end on April 26, 8.30pm. Winners will be decided by combined results from telepoll voting (50%) and online voting (50%), and will be announced at Star Awards 2015 Show 2.

In the meantime, don’t forget to vote for your Favourite Male Character, Favourite Female Character and Favourite Onscreen Couple online here until April 19 at 9pm.

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Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes Combined Results
Dasmond Koh
Desmond Tan
Elvin Ng
Ian Fang
Qi Yu Wu
Romeo Tan
Shane Pow
Shaun Chen
Xu Bin
Zheng Ge Ping

Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes Combined Results
Carrie Wong
Chris Tong
Felicia Chin
Jayley Woo
Joanne Peh
Julie Tan
Paige Chua
Rebecca Lim
Rui En
Ya Hui 

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