Is Aloysius Pang dating his drama co-star Jayley Woo?

The actor is rumoured to be more than on-screen lovers with Jayley Woo

Is Aloysius Pang dating his drama co-star Jayley Woo?
Aloysius Pang recently revealed that his close interaction with actress Jayley Woo while preparing for his new drama role as her boyfriend had brought about speculations that the two are more than on-screen lovers.

At the filming of a car accident scene in the upcoming Channel 8 drama Tiger Mum last Friday, Aloysius shared in his interview with xinmsn that he had met up with Jayley on several occasions to discuss their script, but it was misunderstood by others and see as going on dates with her.

“We would meet up together to build a better bond with each other, but we are just very good friends and nothing more than that,” he clarified.

When asked on her thoughts about the rumours, Jayley, who was also at the filming site, added on to the clarification. “We are simply acting partners with very good rapport,” she said.

Though they are not in a relationship, Jayley said that she is not bothered by such rumours, but instead sees it as good promotion for the show.

“I think the rumour helps to gather more attention on the show and it also helps us better focus on our role as a couple. As we understand how we each feel about the other party very well, we won’t feel embarrassed due to the rumours.”

Is Aloysius Pang dating his drama co-star Jayley Woo?
The two acting buddies star as a couple in Tiger Mum alongside other leading actors and actresses like Huang Biren, Yao Wenlong, Julie Tan, Ian Fang, Jeffrey Xu and Bonnie Loo.

Tiger Mum is also veteran actress Huang Biren’s second show after returning from her hiatus. She stars as a 40-year-old senior prison officer named He Xuemei who falls in love with a middle-aged widower Chen Kai, played by Yao Wenlong, after attending countless matchmaking sessions.

Is Aloysius Pang dating his drama co-star Jayley Woo?
Injured while learning Taekwondo for the drama

As Aloysius plays the role of a student possessing a black belt in Taekwondo in Tiger Mum, he had taken up Taekwondo lessons prior to the filming but accidentally sprained his leg during the first lesson as he was inexperienced in the sport.

“The biggest challenge for this drama has got to be learning Taekwondo. I have been filming the drama with my leg injury, but even if I felt any form of pain, I could not allow myself to express it out,” he said in his interview with xinmsn.

As the filming of Tiger Mum is running on a tight schedule due to its slated broadcast in April, Aloysius said that he has not received proper treatment for his leg to recover fully at the moment. He also expressed his worry that the injury may affect an upcoming scene where he would put on a fight with Biren.

However, the actor promised that he would go for a tui-na session after completing the filming for this drama and before he goes on to star in several more Ch8 and ChU productions this year. Aloysius is also said to be in the midst of discussion for a few movie roles.

When asked if he could find the time off his busy work life to date, Aloysius replied vaguely, “I think it is important to focus on my career at my age. As for love and relationships, I will take it as it is.”

This interview is translated by Isadora Ong.

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