Kit Chan has no plans to advance her career in China for now

The Singaporean singer says she is bad at multi-tasking and would now focus on her upcoming Singapore concert instead

Kit Chan has no plans to advance her career in China for now
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While local songbird Kit Chan has garnered astounding fame from her appearance on Chinese singing competition programme I Am a Singer 3, she has no intention to enter the Chinese music industry anytime soon.

Instead, the 42-year-old would be placing full attention on her upcoming concert Spellbound in Singapore, slated to take place this June, as this would be the first time in four years she would be holding a concert on home ground.

Not only would Kit perform a list of songs she has carefully curated from other singers’ discography, her audience would also be entertained with her classic hits like ‘Worry’, ‘Heartache’ and more.

At the press conference of her concert on Tuesday afternoon (Mar 17), Kit said comically, “There are just some songs I am obligated to sing. If I don’t, my audience may bash me up. I still need to walk out of the concert hall alive.”

When asked if she had specially planned for the concert to take place after her fame has reached a new peak, the 42-year-old denied and clarified that she and her team have already made the decision last September, months before she was casted on the singing programme this January.

Kit also added that she had not expected herself to receive so much love from the Chinese audience as her race to the top ended prematurely after being on the show for merely two episodes.

Kit Chan has no plans to advance her career in China for now
Kit finds it funny to be called a ‘goddess’

Though Kit was eliminated at an early stage, she gained the favour of show’s viewers, to the extent where she was said to have a stronger following than other contestants on the show today.

Kit did not cajole the 500-member panel by belting high notes or singing bombastic songs (an almost-standard practice that many contestants would adhere to). Instead, she stuck to her jazzy and relaxed singing style and won the title of a ‘singer who sings with her soul’.

Fellow contestant Tiger Hu also praised her for exuding feminine vibes and even named her a ‘goddess’. However, Kit joked that her new nickname is a complete misfit to her real off-screen image as she is usually loud and rowdy around her friends. Describing herself as a ‘caveman’ as she does not like to share about her life online, Kit also admitted that she is still adapting to the idea of using social media to interact with her fans.

To thank her fans for their support for her, the 42-year-old decided to give up on her usual practice of keeping her life private and created a Weibo account. She had since garnered over 300,000 followers on the account.

Yet, Kit revealed that she is still stressed about managing the account regularly. “Once you have created the account, I cannot afford to take a break with my updates as everyone would ask if something has happened to me,” she recounted.

Kit Chan has no plans to advance her career in China for now
Good buddies with Han Hong after being on I Am a Singer 3

Recalling her days on the show, Kit described it as an ‘adventure’ and her deepest memory is that she felt like a newbie once again. “As I have already established my status as a singer in both Singapore and Hong Kong, I often felt bounded and restricted to my image,” she said.

“However, I started afresh on new ground when I was in China and recalled what it was to be like a newbie. When people sing praises of me, I can understand how precious it is to me,” she explained.

Kit also shared that her greatest takeaway from the show was that she has forged strong bonds with many singers on the show, including Chinese singer Han Hong. Though Kit had not known much of her before the show, the Chinese singing diva’s extroverted personality allowed the two to click with each other instantly.

When asked if she would plan to invite her new best friend to guest on her concert, Kit replied candidly, “What I like about holding concerts in Singapore is that I am not given the pressure to have a special guest. I don’t have to worry as Singaporean fans emphasise more on the musicality and flow of the concert rather than its variety value.”

Ready to release a new album

As her last original album was released in 2009, Kit’s fans are already itching for her return.
The 42-year-old admitted that plans are underway for a new album, but emphasised that she values quality over quantity.

“People won’t usually ask when I am releasing my next album in the past. However, I’m now pressured after making a lot of public appearances. However, I am bad at multi-tasking, so I would only focus on preparing well for my concert at the moment,” Kit said.

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This article is translated by Isadora Ong.

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