My secret Singaporean side: Ya Hui will queue for good food

The actress will play a wanton mee seller in Ch8 drama, 118, her most close-to-heart role to date

My secret Singaporean side: Ya Hui will queue for good food

Translating her love for food in reel-life, Ya Hui will be tossing noodles, wrapping wantons and sweating it out for her new role as a wanton mee seller in Channel 8’s upcoming long-form drama, 118, and the role coincides nicely with her love for a particular favourite Singaporean dish – Mee Pok dry (with a lot of vinegar, she adds) too.

That’s not all. Ya Hui cited a few more similarities she has with her character, Hong Jin Zhi, which includes her “down to earth” personality and non-dressy style when she goes out. In fact, when we asked for the actress to share her most Singaporean traits, “wearing slippers, shorts and t-shirts to Orchard Road” qualified as one of them.

“I still do it today,” she said. “I don’t really care. I just want to feel comfortable after work and I just want to be myself.”

And she won’t go the extra mile to cover up this Singaporean habit of hers too, she quipped. “I’ll wear sunglasses – but that’s all.”

“Don’t you have an image to maintain as a celebrity?” we asked, to which she replied, “We’re all humans after all, and we still need to feel comfortable after work. And it’s still clothes [I’m wearing] and it’s not like I’m not wearing anything!”

Point taken.

Read on to find out why this avid foodie would rather queue for food than for the best bargains in town (fun fact: she has never queued for a sale) as we suss out some of her secret Singaporean habits. Yes, while she doesn’t queue for sales, she has an aunty side and bargaining for a cheaper price is something she’d do – unabashedly.

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