Nat Ho returns to Singapore after successful career reboot in Taiwan

The Singaporean actor-singer shares on the sacrifices he made for his debut in Taiwan

Nat Ho returns to Singapore after successful career reboot in Taiwan

Having achieved good results for the debut of his singing career in Taiwan, local actor-singer Nat Ho is back in Singapore and would return on the small screen for the first time after his two-year absence.

The 30-year-old would continue to stay in Singapore for a year as he is expected to star in MediaCorp Channel 5’s upcoming long-form drama Tanglin, which would consist of 199 episodes.

Nat will play the role of Lim Jun Kai, a boy who has just returned from studying overseas. In the show, Nat holds a strong objection to his father’s desire for him to take over their family business and acts like he is a goofy, incompetent and idle playboy to escape from his responsibilities as the ‘only male heir’.

In his interview with xinmsn last Tuesday (Mar 3), Nat shared his thoughts on returning home just like his character Lim Jun Kai.

The 30-year-old admitted to feeling homesick after embarking on an intensive training in Taiwan, which lasted for a year. As Singapore would be celebrating her 50th year of independence come August, Nat’s desire to return home ballooned as he believes that it is a symbolic year for every Singaporean.

Thus, when he had received a casting offer for Tanglin, it all fell into place for Nat who said that it was as if everything was “pre-planned beforehand.”

When asked if he was concerned about ‘neglecting’ his budding singing career by taking on the year-long project, Nat was not worried about being forgotten by the audience in Taiwan.

“As a multi-faceted celebrity, I believe there are bound to be ‘sacrifices’ as there is limited time for everything. When I choose to act, I would have to put aside my singing career temporarily. It doesn’t mean I will give up on that completely, but I will most likely take a back seat (on singing) this year.”

Nat also stated he would continue to work on his second album while acting in Tanglin, hoping it would be ready for release when he returns to Taiwan next year.

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