SA2015: Newcomers Aloysius Pang and Carrie Wong land double nominations

The full nomination list for Star Awards 2015 Show 2 Best categories

Aloysius Pang and Carrie Wong bag their first acting nomination in Star Awards 2015

As awards season heats up, it’s time to review the acting performances of local actors over the past one year with the release of the Star Awards 2015 nomination list.

2014 has proved to be a bumper year for actors like Chen Hanwei and Joanne Peh, who each landed two nominations across the four main acting categories for their roles in The Journey: Tumultuous Times, Blessings and C.L.I.F. 3.

Hanwei, whose roles as a cunning Hu Weiren in Tumultuous Times and an “emo” and sentimental Lian Daxi in Blessings was widely raved about, said over a phone interview: “I’m really happy to learn of this news but winning isn’t of importance to me.”

The actor shared that both roles, although different in nature, hold equal weight in his heart. When he learned of his onscreen adopted son and co-actor Shaun Chen’s Best Actor nomination in Tumultuous Times, Hanwei heaped raises on the latter’s dedication and acting craft, saying, “I think it’s time for Shaun to win [an award].”

2015 is also shaping out to be a good year for new-gen actors Aloysius Pang and Carrie Wong who, similar to Hanwei and Joanne, are in the running for two awards: the Best Supporting Actor and Actress award respectively and the Best Newcomer award, alongside peers like Seraph Sun, Nick Teo and Hong Ling.

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Best Newcomer nominees: Aloysius Pang, Carrie Wong, Hong Ling, Nick Teo and Seraph Sun

“I’m a bit shocked by this news, this is really unexpected,” said Carrie on her nomination for her role as a loud-mouthed sweet soup seller, Tang Shui Mei, in Tumultuous Times. “I didn’t think this [nomination] would come so soon.”

Currently acting in long-form drama 118, an elated Carrie said she is contented with her nomination and bears no hopes of bringing home the Best Supporting Actress award.

“It is a form of affirmation and motivation for me,” the 21-year-old said, adding that she has more confidence in the ‘newcomer’ category instead.

“My biggest competition would be Aloysius I think. And the reason behind my confidence is because I have been getting roles that are highly favoured by the audience, despite being a newbie actress. I think I’m much luckier than my peers and have had more exposure the past year too,” she quipped.

Carrie’s fellow nominee, Aloysius, who was nominated for his turn as a psycho killer in Against the Tide, admitted in a phone interview that the news still feels “a little surreal” and called it “too good to be true.”

“I really think Han Wei da ge will nail it ‘cos he was really good in Tumultuous Times. I’m really impressed. I’ve always wanted to work with him but haven’t had the chance to yet,” he replied, when asked to comment on his Best Supporting Actor chances.

“I don’t want to hold too much hopes,” he said, “The higher your expectations, the bigger the disappointments (…) I don’t yearn for more. If I get the award it’s a plus, if I don’t, I’m just happy that at least someone recognises me for who I am and what I do.”

He let on, “In fact, I feel much more motivated to work, with a surge of energy running through my body. All in all, the final goal – in my books– is to get Best Actor. It’s one of the most prestigious awards that I can ever ask for.”

Star Awards 2015 Show 2 nominees list

The Best Actor and Best Actress nominees for this year's Star Awards 2015

Best Actor:
Chen Han Wei – Blessings
Christopher Lee – Against the Tide
Qi Yuwu – C.L.I.F. 3
Shaun Chen – The Journey: Tumultuous Times
Thomas Ong – Three Wishes

Best Actress:
Felicia Chin: The Journey: Tumultuous Times
Joanne Peh – C.L.I.F. 3
Rebecca Lim – Yes We Can!
Rui En – Against the Tide
Yvonne Lim – World At Your Feet

Best Supporting Actor:
Aloysius Pang – Against the Tide
Chen Han Wei – The Journey: Tumultuous Times
Chen Shu Cheng – Blessings
Zhang Zhen Huan – Against the Tide
Zhu Hou Ren – In The Name of Love

Best Supporting Actress:
Carrie Wong – The Journey: Tumultuous Times
Joanne Peh – The Journey: Tumultuous Times
Julie Tan – Three Wishes
Paige Chua – Against the Tide
Xiang Yun – The Caregivers

Best Variety Show Host:
Ben Yeo – Finding 8
Lee Teng – Finding 8
Mark Lee – Neighbourhood Chef
Pornsak – The Joy Truck 2
Quan Yi Fong – Black Rose 2

Best Info-Ed Programme Host:
Ben Yeo – Meet My Family 2
Bryan Wong – Hear Me Out
Pornsak – Shop Stories
Quan Yi Fong – Where to Stay
Youyi – My HeARTland Carnival

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