Seeing stars with newbie actress Carrie Wong

Newbie actress Carrie Wong gets a little star-struck on the set of local dramas

Seeing stars with newbie actress Carrie Wong

Photos: Joanna Goh

Three months ago when we first interviewed Carrie Wong at the imaging session for her maiden Ch8 project Against the Tide, the newbie actress expressed slight intimidation and apprehension at the thought of working alongside her established co-stars, Christopher (Chris) Lee and Rui En. 

When we caught up with her at the lensing ceremony of her upcoming drama project, The Journey: Tumultuous times, Carrie sang a different tune of her co-stars – one that hinted at their strong camaraderie on set (other tell-tale signs include Carrie and her co-stars’ trigger-happy Instagram accounts as well.)

Even social-media-adverse Rui En joins in the fun too, directing a couple of “shoots” and penning a few captions for them.

“Desmond (Tan) and I have been trying to psycho her (Rui En) to get an Instagram account. But we failed,” said Carrie as she jokingly pulled a glum face. “She refuses to do it.”

What Rui En would do, however, according to Carrie, is this: “She’d tell us: ‘Let’s take a photo, but YOU post it up. And I’ll think of a caption.'”

“She enjoys doing such things,” the bright-eyed ingénue laughed, adding that whenever Desmond and Rui En “the joker” are around, they’d never fail to fill the set with plenty of jokes and laughter.

Another co-star that Carrie looks up to and who helped tide her through her toughest crying scenes is Chris, her onscreen older brother. The long-limbed 20-year-old said the father-to-be would even tell her stories to bring out her emotions and to get her tears flowing.

Seeing stars with newbie actress Carrie Wong

Calling him an actor she grew up watching (“I was 6 or 7 years old when I saw Condor Heroes on TV” – something most of us can attest to doing), Carrie said, “He gave me a book [to help me in my role as ‘Tang Shui Mei’ in Tumultuous Times] that is about Singapore’s nation-building years and history. In the book, there are a lot of photos from the 1940s and he told me to study how ladies from this era would behave, from their postures to their body language.”

And Carrie’s on a roll working with acting heavyweights.

After Rui En and Chris, she’s set to act alongside Chen Hanwei in Tumultuous Times, as their characters are intricately linked by her onscreen childhood playmate and love interest, Hu Jia or Zhang Jia, played by Shaun Chen.

Apart from marveling at Hanwei’s jaw-dropping physical transformation into a raggedy old man, Carrie giggled uncontrollably at the mention of working with Jeanette Aw and Shaun.

“It’s unbelievable [that I’ll be acting with them]. I saw Jing Jing and Xiao Xing (Jeanette and Shaun’s characters) 10 years ago in Holland Village when I was growing up. So being able to see them up close still feels surreal to me,” she quipped.

So has she approached them for, uh, a selfie yet?

Giving us a similar answer like she did three months ago (at her first encounter with Rui En), she laughed in reply: “I have been trying to maintain [my composure in front of them].”

“I was really nervous when I saw Rui En too. And I didn’t dare to take photos with her initially when filming started. But now that the drama is wrapping soon, we’ve been trying to take as many photos together as possible!”

Going by the looks of it (by that we mean the amount of group pictures with Rui En on her Instagram account), we are pretty sure Carrie will fit in just fine. PS, we’ll be looking out for more behind-the-scenes sneak peeks in Malaysia. Keep ‘em coming, Carrie!

Seeing stars with newbie actress Carrie Wong

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