Seraph Sun sheds clothing for first movie role

The MediaCorp actress stripped down to her lingerie for a steamy car scene with Shane Pow 

Seraph Sun sheds clothing for first movie role

Up-and-comic starlet Seraph Sun has made her foray into the movies with Miss J Contemplates Her Choice, a local production that will be shown at the 25th Singapore International Film Festival next month.

Her debut was by no means subdued, as the 25-year-old stripped down to only her lingerie for a steamy scene with co-star Shane Pow. This was her her first time doing so on-screen.

The movie, which also stars local singer Kit Chan, veteran actress Xiang Yun, and Bobby Tonelli, revolves around the character Miss J (played by Kit) who has to make a choice to save either a prostitute or a gangster, and a series of murders occurrs after she makes her decision.

Seraph, who plays the younger Miss J, told xinmsn in an interview at the press conference held last week that she had no idea how much skin she had to bare for the role.

“They kept telling me, ‘The extent is huge!’ but I have never taken part in any movies and have no concept about that at all. When I got to the set, I filmed it straightaway and felt that it was better this way,” she said of her sexy  scene, which lasts nearly five minutes. 

Spotted by MediaCorp after winning the “Miss Popularity” title in talent-scouting variety show SNAP in 2012, the local actress was caught in a dilemma on whether to take up the role.

“I had a hard time deciding if I should accept the offer. After all, I’m not the kind of person [who has no qualms to showing skin], but I felt that I was portraying a character and this was the most important thing. So I kept persuading myself to act freely.”

She also emphasised that when it comes to showing skin, this is the furthest that she will go, but that she had discussed the matter with her family members, who supported her decision. Needless to say, Seraph has taken precautionary measures by wearing extra layers beneath her undergarments to prevent unnecessary exposure.

Shane Pow and Seraph Sun's steamy scene in Miss J Contemplates Her Choice

Shane Pow: Fortunately, they found a big car

The five minutes of on-screen sex with Seraph cost MediaCorp duke Shane Pow his five-year relationship with non-showbiz girlfriend. The two reportedly split due to differing points of views – she had requested for him not to do the scene but he felt it was purely for work.

Despite admitting that both he and Seraph bared a significant amount of skin this time as compared to the usual television dramas, Shane maintained his stance and explained, “My point of consideration is the script. If the plot requires me to do so, I’m fine with it.”

All seriousness aside, the 24-year-old joked at the conference that it was fortunate the director found a big car for the both of them “so it was more comfy”.

But nevertheless, it was awkward for the two who are collaborating for the first time. Although they spent a day filming and warming up to each other before the intimate scene, with a chance to “try it out” in the car beforehand, “things were still a little embarrassing”.

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From left: Bobby Tonelli, Kit Chan, Seraph Sun, Xiang Yun and Shane Pow

Miss J Contemplates Her Choice premieres on Dec 6 at National Museum of Singapore. For more information, visit

This interview is translated by Jovina Ng.

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