Youyi ends her 2-year marriage and wishes for simple love

The 34-year-old wishes for a relationship that is simple and realistic

Youyi ends her 2-year marriage and wishes for simple love
Video: Lye Yuk Sing & Foong Mien Shi

Local television host and actress Youyi is currently in the midst of ending her two-year marriage.

The 34-year-old attended the press conference of Channel 8’s upcoming sitcom A Blessed Life last Friday alongside leading actors and actress Li Nanxing, Chen Liping, Zhu Houren, Richard Low and Brandon Wong.

After recently regaining her role as a newscaster on Channel 8’s revamped evening news show Hello Singapore, Youyi challenged herself by acting as Li Nanxing’s girlfriend in the new drama – a materialistic woman who later discovered that her only wish was to find a trustworthy man whom she could rely on in life.

Reflecting on her role, Youyi shared her thoughts on love in her interview with xinmsn. “When I was in my twenties, I wished for a passionate relationship. I fantasised about how my lover and I would stay strong in our relationship against all odds,” she rattled on chirpily.

“As I matured with age, I began to think less about whom I’m sleeping next to. Rather, I thought more about who would be next to me when I wake up,” she said frankly.

“Being able to see that special someone once I wake up every day and feel safe is already something blissful. Nothing beats living a simple and peaceful life.”

Youyi ends her 2-year marriage and wishes for simple love
However, Youyi’s candid comment seemingly hinted at the present state of her marriage. Though the couple tied the knot two years ago, they are currently separated and Youyi has shifted out of their home to stay with her parents.

When asked if her participation in dramas after becoming a full-time artiste caused their relationship to be estranged, Youyi denied that her work was to blame.

“We have discussed our separation for quite some time and have trusted our lawyers to handle the issue. Work is just a small matter that would not contribute to it.”

She gave an ambiguous reply as to whether the couple are still on talking terms, stating that she was not ready to disclose more details now.

She also kindly declined to comment further as she wishes to respect the privacy of her ex-husband and his family as they are not celebrities.

Youyi ends her 2-year marriage and wishes for simple love
Eating was once her solution to work stress

The television host turned actress once commented that she was not suitable to be an actress and admitted to feeling immense stress while starring in Blessings last year. She even resorted to excessive eating to relieve her stress and started to develop feelings against acting.

“It was a pressurising and a scary experience at the previous time. I was constantly weighed down by thoughts about the scenes I needed to film and the emotions I had to channel in my acting daily,” she recalled.

“While my role in Blessings required me to gobble down bowls of soya beancurd whenever she was upset, fried rice and noodles were my comfort food to help me feel better after I ended my filming every day.”

However, Youyi also assured that she is more comfortable with acting now. She found her love for acting again while filming A Blessed Life, as the storyline is more relaxed and relevant to daily life.

Furthermore, co-star Li Nanxing has also given her great help during their filming. Not only did the veteran actor do a great job in remembering his lines and positions, he was also mindful of other actors on set.

Recounting a scene where the two had to engage in a conversation while walking and holding hands, Youyi vividly remembered that Nanxing had held her hand and led her to their positions, allowing her to complete the scene confidently and with ease.

Catch A Blessed Life when it premieres on Jan 29, every Thursday at 8:30pm on Ch8.

This article is translated by Isadora Ong.

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