3 things Nana Mizuki wants to do in Singapore

The Japanese singer who is best known as an “anime song artiste” will be in town for her solo concert this weekend

3 things Nana Mizuki wants to do in Singapore

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Japanese animation fans ought to be familiar with Nana Mizuki, a voice actress (called ‘seiyuu’) and anime song (anisong) artiste who has been in the industry for more than 10 years. She will be coming to Singapore to stage her first ever solo concert this weekend, following a successful trip last year for the annual AFA (Anime Festival Asia) 2013.

For those not in the know, this 34-year-old breathes life and personality into anime characters with her voice, and some of her most notable works include Naruto’s Hinata Hyuga, Fullmetal Alchemist’s Lan Fan, Darker than Black’s Misaki Kirihara and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha’sFate Testarossa, just to name a few.

On top of lending her voice to anime characters, Nana, who was formerly trained in the art of Enka, a form of traditional Japanese music, sings just as well. She has 10 albums to her name so far, with the latest beingSupernal Liberty, released this year.

Ahead of her first big gig at Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore this Saturday, we did a short e-mail interview with Nana. On top of sharing insights on her lifestyle as a voice artiste, the singer-songwriter also lets on three things she wants to do in the lion city this weekend (PS: we’re not surprised to see the Merlion on her to-do list!).

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xinmsn: Do you have a strict diet to follow to maintain your voice in top condition when you perform or do a recording?
Nana: There are a few basic tips to avoid getting sick - I always remember to gargle and wash my hands often. Some people always protect their throat by putting on facial masks too, but usually the places for my work, like recording studios and concert halls, are dry so I try to get used to those environments too.

To sing well, having fit and healthy body is a must. Every day I do the core muscle training as a habit.  I also love taking herb teas and honey, which are good for the throat.

You've been an inspiration to a lot of fans. So what or who inspires you?
I always get inspiration and energy from the fans! Their messages give me a lot of power. Going to a lot of places for my concert and travelling gives me a lot of inspirations and new ideas too

What type of music do you listen to when you want to destress or relax after a long day at work? 
I usually listen to all song genres, but among all the music, I especially love listening to the genre called ‘soft rock’ which was mainly released in the 60’s and 70’s.

Share with us 3 things you're excited to do in Singapore in September.
1.Last year I had collaborated with T.M. Revolution in Singapore, but I was only able to sing 3 songs with him. I am so excited to be able to come back to Singapore this year as part of my extended solo tour! I am really looking forward to singing more songs for my fans in Southeast Asia!

2. I could hardly forget the taste of chili crab I had last year… It was so delicious!  I will definitely want to eat again! (Laughs)

3. I want to climb up to the top of Merlion tower at Sentosa island! The last time when I was in Singapore, I only saw it from far away… I want to see the beautiful night view from the top!

Catch Nana Mizuki Live Flight 2014+ in Singapore this Saturday, September 27, at Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa at 6.30pm. Premium VIP and selected standard tickets are sold out; tickets priced at $157 are available at all SISTIC outlets.

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