Brandon Wong welcomes third son

The actor and his wife were expecting their son to ring in the New Year, but looks like junior had other plans

Brandon Wong welcomes third son
Turns out Yvonne Lim and Alex Tien aren’t the last to welcome a bundle of joy into their this year –local actor Brandon Wong and his wife welcomed baby number three to his brood yesterday (Dec 29).

The 43-year-old, who has two sons, was expecting his third on January 9 to usher in the New Year but the youngest Wong seemed to have other plans – he arrived yesterday afternoon at Raffles Hospital weighing in at 3.26kg with a length of 52cm.

Through a phone interview with xinmsn, Brandon shared that his wife will be discharged tomorrow. Chuckling, he added that his youngest is the smallest among his sons, with his other two weighing in at 3.61kg and 3.37kg respectively.

While he has yet to decide on a name for the newest addition to his family, he revealed that his name will likely follow that of his older brothers Yu Jie and Yu Xin and include the character “Yu”. The last character of his name, he continued, will be decided after consulting a fortune-teller.

Brandon, who confessed to feeling confident about welcoming his third child, admitted that he and his missus were caught off-guard by their son’s early arrival.

“She started feeling contractions at about 4 or 5 in the morning and it was the kind where it hurt every five minutes. It was the sort of pain that indicated that the baby was due anytime soon and rushed her to the hospital unprepared – we didn’t even pack our belongings!” he declared.

Brandon Wong welcomes third son

He also shared that this was the riskiest delivery despite his wife having experienced childbirth twice. “She planned for a natural childbirth the first time but received painkillers when she couldn’t stand the pain. The second was delivered via caesarean section because of the baby’s position,” Brandon explained.

He continued, “This time, the doctor didn’t recommend inducing labour because he was worried that the wound from when she delivered our second child would tear. We waited until the last minute for the cervix to dilate sufficiently before she could deliver (the baby) – thankfully both mother and son are safe.”

Despite the good news, it was business as usual for the father-of-three this morning as he attended the filming for upcoming Ch8 drama Tiger Mummy early in the morning before wrapping up work at 11am and rushing to the hospital to be with his wife.

He explained that he only plays a minor role in the drama and does not attend filming daily, thus affording him the time to take care of his wife. Brandon shared that he has been helping with his wife’s confinement since his first child. Apart from looking after and bathing the baby, he also helps with the early-morning feeding sessions if need be.

“I’ve been tired for the five years since the birth of my first son – I haven’t been able to sleep well,” he quipped. Taking on a more serious tone, he added, “Only when men help out with the confinement period will they appreciate how noble mothers are and cherish them more. Wives are pregnant for nine months and they should be queens during their (confinement).”

In an earlier interview with xinmsn, Brandon expressed his excitement over welcoming a Golden Jubilee baby – did his early arrival put a dampener on his mood then? “He couldn’t be born with a silver spoon in his mouth so we were hoping to have a ‘golden’ birth certificate – we never expected that he’s just not destined for that! (laughs) It’s fine as long as mother and son are safe.”

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