Celeb exes who rekindled the flame: Asian edition

These celebrity couples show us how old (love) is gold

Were you surprised by Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse’s “reunion of the century”?

Ever since news of their reconciliation broke last week, the Chinese entertainment industry has been abuzz with rumours – from Nicholas' alleged various attempts at wooing his ex-lover from 11 years ago to speculations about Faye's bun in the oven.

Despite some voices of opposition, many of the lovebirds’ friends and fans have expressed their support, with Faye's ex-husband Li Yapeng gaining the most attention with his big-hearted display of well wishes on Weibo.

Similarly, celebrity couples in Tinseltown, such as the infamous Justin Bieber-Selena Gomez pairing, have a history of renewing their love for each other.

Read on for the most high-profile Asian celebrity exes who rekindled the flame.

Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse 

When the romantic flame extinguished: 
Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse first dropped the bombshell on us when their May-December romance came to light in 2002. Unaffected by the talk surrounding them, the lovebirds, with an age difference of 11 years, even inked a couple tattoo on their waists as a mark of love.
However, some believed that Nicholas, who was only 19 at the time, was trying to use the Chinese diva’s popularity and status to boost his own career. There were also rumours that the aspiring actor had pursued Faye to win a bet with his friends.

The high-profile relationship eventually dwindled when Cecilia Cheung came into the picture. In 2006, Nicholas secretly tied the knot with Cecilia who gave birth to their two sons, Lucas and Quintus Tse, before the couple went separate ways five years later.
Announcing her “indefinite break from showbiz”, Faye married Chinese actor Li Yapeng in 2005 and welcomed their daughter Li Yan in the following year.

When the romantic flame rekindled:
If you have been paying attention to the signs, the Faye-Nic reunion wouldn’t be that shocking. Apart from the divorces with their former spouses, the two have retained the couple tattoos over the years. “Even if my future partner cannot accept it, I will keep the tattoo forever,” proclaimed Nicholas.

Earlier this year, Chef Nic, where he hinted that her good friend Faye is still “his most beloved”. Coincidentally (or not),  during the same period, though the pair allegedly did not meet up.
In what is said to be one of Nicholas’ attempts at winning back Faye’s heart, the actor uploaded a video of him playing the song “Let Us Go On” on her 45th birthday last month. Now that he helms a production company, the 34-year-old, whose net worth is reportedly worth NT$2.3 billion (approximately S$96.3 million), has also offered his full support, should .
11 years after their split, Nicholas was recently spotted spending four days with Faye in her Beijing apartment, where the two were photographed kissing each other at the balcony. Dun dun dun.

Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui  

When the romantic flame extinguished: 
A duet called ‘Do You Really Have Me In Your Heart?’ in 1991 sent Cantopop stars Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui into a whirlpool of love.

Stories of their romance – Andy once rushed on stage to hug Sammi when a black-out occurred halfway through her concert – soon made them one of the most well-loved couples in the industry.

To the disappointment of many, their relationship came to an abrupt end in 2004. After their break-up, Andy was spotted with a new female partner while Sammi focused on expanding her acting career.

When the romantic flame rekindled:  
Even years after the split, fans of the ex-couple never gave up hope of a reconciliation between the two. Their prayers were answered in 2011, when the former lovebirds were photographed enjoying hi-tea together.
In an official statement, Sammi acknowledged her rekindled romance with Andy and said: “After all this time, we now have a better idea [of how relationships work]. We wish for more time and space to get to know each other again.”
According to media reports,  and the pair will finally seal their 22-year relationship in marriage in the near future.

Charlie Yeung and Khoo Shao Tze 

When the romantic flame extinguished: 
Hong Kong actress Charlie Yeung and her Singaporean beau Khoo Shao Tze started dating in 1994, before a business investment-gone-wrong caused a rift in their relationship, leading to their split in 2003.
When the romantic flame rekindled: 
To mend her broken heart, Charlie dived back into showbiz and it wasn’t until 2011 that she returned to the arms of Shao Tze. After patching things up, Shao Tze proposed to Charlie on numerous occasions, only to be rejected by the ambitious actress who was determined to fulfill her dream of becoming a director.
With Charlie releasing her directorial debut Christmas Rose last year, Shao Tze asked for her hand again on her 39th birthday in May. And this time, she finally nodded and said “yes”.

, Charlie attached a photo of the couple taken during their vacation in Maldives and wrote: “I have a piece of good news to share with everyone – I am marrying my other half! Even though we once lived separately in two different cities, we have been encouraging and caring for each other like soulmates. As time went by and our feelings grew stronger, we decided to move on to another stage in life together.”
On November 2,  at W Hotel, Sentosa, which saw the attendance of local artistes including Pierre Png and Andrea De Cruz, as well as overseas celebrities including Angelica Lee, Anita Yuen, Gigi Leung, Valen Hsu and Tsui Hark.

Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung

When the romantic flame extinguished:  

On an episode of Korean talk show Healing Camp last year, Lee Byung Hun revealed that he first met Lee Min Jung, who is 12 years his junior, via a mutual friend in 2006.
The two secretly dated for a period of time, before they amicably parted ways in order not to hinder each other’s career – Byung Hun often had to fly overseas for filming and Min Jung, who was a rookie actress back then, was still trying to climb the ranks.
When the romantic flame rekindled: 
In early 2012, rumours were rife that Byung Hun and Min Jung had gotten back together. Later that year, the actress admitted to their renewed romance on her official site. Dubbed as the model couple in Korean showbiz, last August.
Nevertheless, things are not as rosy as they seem. Last month, , who allegedly threatened to release a video of the actor using lewd language and engaging in “sexual conversations”, in exchange for 5 billion Korean won (approximately S$6 million). The blackmailers were later revealed to be Da Hee, member of girl group GLAM, and 24-year-old model Lee Ji Yeon. 

After informing his agency of the incident, Byung Hun reported the case to the police which subsequently arrested Da Hee and Ji Yeon for investigations. Following the scandal, the 44-year-old actor released an official apology statement.
He wrote: “Regardless if it was a ploy or if I was threatened, and before I can blame anyone, I am very sorry and regretful for lacking the morality to protect my own privacy. My wife and family members have suffered a lot because of me, but they are still standing beside me. I will work harder in future and not do anything to disappoint them again.”  
Shortly after, Ji Yeon’s lawyer stated that the model had blackmailed Byung Hun out of spite as the IRIS star had suddenly called it quits on their three-month affair. In response, Byung Hun vehemently denied the “unfounded claims” and insisted that Ji Yeon was trying to reduce her sentence with the untruths. 
Meanwhile, Min Jung flew to Paris to attend a friend’s wedding just one day after the scandal broke. The BIG star, who has quietly returned to Korea after her two-week trip, is reportedly staying at her parents’ house at the moment. “She went overseas to shun the attention. To say that she is unaffected by the news would be a lie,” Min Jung’s close friend disclosed.

Vanness Wu and Arissa Cheo 

When the romantic flame extinguished: 
Romantic sparks flew between former F4 member Vanness Wu and Singaporean heiress Arissa Cheo, after they worked on a music video together in 2006. As Arissa was still studying in the United States at the time, the long-distance relationship lasted only a year.

Following their split, Vanness reportedly stopped wearing a purple-coloured designer bracelet which is believed to be their token of love. The singer, however, was seen wearing the accessory again during a shoot for his second Japanese album, inciting rumours of a reconciliation.
In April 2010, Vanness confirmed Arissa’s girlfriend status after the two were spotted shopping on the streets with linked arms. He even claimed that they started dating again with marriage in mind. Yet, their romance fizzled once more, when they stopped following each other’s blogs later that year. Arissa also seemingly posted a photo of her new beau while Vanness wrote an entry about his “heart that has given up hope”, further justifying the claims.

When the romantic flame rekindled:  
Two years after their break-up, a Taiwanese reporter bumped into Vanness and Arissa at the airport, where the two were waiting to board a flight to Guangzhou, China.
The pair, both hiding their faces behind huge sunglasses, was seen whispering into each other’s ears the entire time. Realising the presence of a reporter, Vanness whipped out his phone to snap a picture and sneered: “Wo (which means “I” in English) love paparazzi.”
Last year, Vanness and Arissa finally ended their on-off relationship with an announcement of their marriage. According to the singer-actor’s agency, , and was  in November.
A week later, the  in the company of close friends and family at The Pelican Hill Resort in Los Angeles early this year, where their celebrity friends Jerry Yan, Philip Ng, Andy On and Lee Hom specially flew in for the occasion.
Known for their public display of affection on social media, the couple is currently enjoying their honeymoon in Europe.And we can’t wait for news of a junior Vanness or Arissa.

Cyndi Wang and Yao Yuan Hao 

When the romantic flame extinguished: 

In May 2011, Taiwanese singer Cyndi Wang, who was spotted on various outings to Kenting and Tamsui with Yao Yuan Hao, was blasted for being the third party in the latter’s eight-year romance with Sonia Sui.

When Yuan Hao and Sonia officially called it quits in the following year, the actress-model said between sobs that their relationship was indeed wrecked by “someone”. Cyndi then stepped forward to deny the rumours, though she confessed that she dated Yuan Hao for a short period of time when he broke up with Sonia previously.
After learning that Yuan Hao and Sonia had gotten back together, she allegedly chose to back out and even claimed that it would be “tough to remain friends” with her ex-beau.

When the romantic flame rekindled:  
As it turned out, Yuan Hao was photographed visiting Cyndi’s apartment in December 2012 and the two reportedly spent a romantic New Year’s Eve together, watching fireworks at the singer’s house.
Yuan Hao was then left with no choice but to come clean about his relationship with Cyndi. According to the actor, the two met again at a gathering and soon . Although their romance was heavily slammed by netizens, the couple became increasingly high-profile and often showcased their affection in public.
 (Cyndi was suspected of going under the knife as her jawline looked significantly sharper in recent photos), Yuan Hao reiterated that he has “never seen a scar on her face”.

And it seems that wedding bells might be ringing soon, as Cyndi once insinuated that she does not want to give birth “too late”, while “marriage is an important affair” to Yuan Hao.

Karen Mok and Johannes 

When the romantic flame extinguished: 
At the tender age of 17, Hong Kong singer-actress Karen Mok packed her bags and left for further studies in Italy, where she met her first love, a same-aged German student named Johannes.
To keep up with her boyfriend, Karen even picked up the German language. However, the fear of losing Johannes to his juniors in school made the young and insecure Karen pull the brake on their one-year courtship.

The two lost contact when Karen returned to Hong Kong to develop her showbiz career. Following her debut, the multi-hyphenate was romantically linked to several celebrities including Stephen Chow and Stephen Fung.

When the romantic flame rekindled:  
As fate would have it, Karen chanced upon Johannes, who was then married with three kids, when she was filming a movie in Berlin in 2003.

On stage to receive the “Best Female Singer” award at Taiwan Golden Melody Awards in 2011, Karen sent shockwaves across the industry when she announced her wedding plans during her acceptance speech.
“I feel that the best way to celebrate is to get married this year! I’m not joking. Previously when I won [this award], I said that it is time for me to tie the knot. This time, I promise to do so by the end of the year. And the coolest part is that I’m getting married to my first love,” she beamed with happiness.

It was later revealed that Karen and Johannes rekindled their romance in 2010, and the latter had successfully proposed six months after they got back together. In October 2011, the couple held their wedding at Florence Manor in Italy, the place where they first fell in love. All together now: aww.


Shu Qi and Stephen Fung: Are they an item, or are they not?

That has been the question on everyone’s mind for the past 17 years.
Shu Qi and Stephen Fung first collaborated in Hong Kong film Bishonen in 1998. Since then, their names have always been associated together, though there were also occasional reports of both parties having new other halves.
In recent years, speculations about their on-off romance grew stronger as interaction between the two, especially on social media, became more frequent and suggestive. While , Stephen posted photos of the actress’ beloved pet cat on Weibo.
Despite never having admitted to their relationship,  and the pair is believed to be cohabitating in her apartment in Hong Kong. Following the wave of celebrity marriages this year, will we finally hear some good news from the two? 

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