Ethan Ruan can’t stand being away from girlfriend and family

Compared to the intense physical training, the actor felt even more miserable not seeing his girlfriend for five months

阮经天拍床戏没报备  随时闪婚许玮宁1

Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan’s steamy scene in his latest movie Paradise In Service with Chinese female co-star Regina Wan (Wan Xi) has caught the attention of many ever since the movie was released overseas last month.

In town yesterday to promote the movie by Taiwanese filmmaker Doze Niu, Ethan, who plays a Chinese soldier in a time of unrest and war and eventually falling in love with a prostitute, shared that movie is “his toughest thus far [and is filled] with happiness and tears”.

“I am glad to work with Doze and my ‘sister’ Regina once again but unlike previous productions [by Doze], we underwent training every day for this and it was tough,” Ethan stated.

Revealing that he went nearly nude (except for covering up his nether region) in a bed scene with Regina, he said, “Before I started filming, I thought ‘I will be baring a lot of skin, it would be pretty nerve-wracking.’ But it turned out more relaxing than what I had imagined. I have collaborated with Regina many times before this, so our chemistry was there.”

Keeping things professional, the 32-year-old added both of them were focused on achieving what Doze wanted. As they trusted each other, “the scene was not as difficult and the people around us should be more awkward.”

Although he did not request for crew members to leave the set, Doze did so eventually to allow them to film in comfort.

阮经天拍床戏没报备  随时闪婚许玮宁

Ethan was forced to leave his comfort zone

While Ethan shared that he had a hard time holding back his emotions while filming as “Doze would say ‘It’s not the time to cry yet’” and joked that he would suffer from “internal injuries” as a result, he told xinmsn that being away from his girlfriend of seven years, Tiffany Hsu, for five months was the worst for him.

“I could take the physical torture but to be away from an environment that I’m familiar with, my girlfriend and family felt miserable. Doze wanted us to immerse ourselves in that environment, so we could not go home for the two months of training in Kinmen and three months of filming.”

To add on to his torture, none of the cast members’ partners were allowed to visit them on set.

That said, Ethan admitted that he did not inform Tiffany beforehand of his raunchy scene in the show. Not worried that she may get jealous, he said, “I have already been in the industry for more than 12 years. She already knows that I have to be responsible as an actor before we got together. Similarly, she is also an actress so we are able to understand each other on that.”

Ethan was in fact worried that things may get even more awkward if he had told her earlier. Although he had suggested for them to watch the movie together, Tiffany indicated her preference to watch alone, to which he joked “because she put all her attention on (co-actor) Chen Jianbin”.

阮经天拍床戏没报备  随时闪婚许玮宁2

Ethan does not rule out the possibility of a flash marriage

As his buddy Mark Chao registered his marriage with Gao Yuanyuan in June with their wedding banquet happening next month, Ethan, who is invited together with his fellow actors from Monga to attend the wedding banquet, admitted to being envious of Mark.

While marriage rumours have been circulating between Ethan and Tiffany and the former was even reported to have bought a villa in Taipei this March for as his marital home, he did not give an exact date as to when they will get married.

Responding wittily that he does not rule out a flash marriage, the good-looker said, “If I really tied the knot, I will let everyone know. But before I do that, I will be tight-lipped no matter what.”

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Paradise In Service will open in cinemas on Nov 6.

This interview is translated by Jovina Ng.

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