It’s love over money for Elvin Ng

The self-professed romanticist shared some tips on mending a broken heart

Elvin Ng
Earlier this week, xinmsn visited the set of ChU’s upcoming drama Let It Go at Bishan Park, where Elvin Ng, Mindee Ong, Macy Chen (Meixin) and Alaric Tay were seen filming under the scorching sun.

Produced by WaWa Pictures and co-written by local actress Jesseca Liu, the 13-episode drama’s other cast members include Jeanette Aw and Cavin Soh.

Let It Go tells the story of a popular blogger Yan Neo (Jeanette) who rose to fame after sharing her break-up stories and recovery process from 10 past failed relationships on her website.

To prove that her good friend Jia Yi’s (Mindee) boyfriend is a philanderer, Yan Neo specially hired photographer Mark Chow (Elvin) to unveil the truth. However, Mark turned out to be an extremely conservative man with strong moral values and hence, he refused to intrude into other people’s privacy.

Although Mark and Yan Neo were at loggerheads in the beginning due to conflicting opinions, they started seeing a different side of each other after experiencing several incidents together.

Elvin Ng and Mindee Ong
Unlike his rational personality in the show, Elvin is, in fact, an emotional person who is exceptionally devoted when it comes to romance. A self-proclaimed romanticist, the 33-year-old reiterated that relationships are very important to him. “I can give up ‘bread’ (referring to his career) for love,” he said.

During the interview, Elvin also shared that his first relationship lasted for over five years. While it hurt to break up with his ex, he is willing to suffer the pain that results from love.

“When a person entirely invests his feelings [into a relationship], he will become vulnerable and getting hurt is inevitable. But when you put in true feelings, there will be memories worth cherishing,” explained the actor.

In Elvin’s opinion, the fastest way to get over a break-up is to “quickly jump into a new relationship”. Yet, as he grows older, he gradually realised that this method is not as feasible as before. “You need to give yourself time and space to collect your thoughts before moving on,” he added.

While the Chinese title of Let It Go literally translates to “Happy Break-up”, the heartthrob believes that it is impossible to be happy after going separate ways with a lover. “The emotional reliance between two people cannot be demolished so easily. Starting all over again is a very draining thing,” Elvin thought aloud.

As his sentiments seem to contradict the show’s theme, the actor jokingly teased his Who Killed the Lead co-star Jesseca for her “lousy script”. On the other hand, however, Elvin claimed to have learned how to “rediscover oneself” after an unsuccessful relationship, thanks to the drama. 

This interview is translated by Dang Hui Ling.

Let It Go premieres Feb 23, every Monday to Friday at 10pm on ChU.

WATCH: Elvin Ng dishes tips on getting over a relationship

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