Joanne Peh’s wedding banquet “could happen really quickly”

The newlywed actress has yet to talk about the celebrations with husband Qi Yuwu

Joanne Peh’s wedding banquet “could happen really quickly”

Photos: Tammi Tan

Joanne Peh seemed to be in a jovial mood during our chat between takes at yesterday’s shoot for Channel 5’s Code of Law season 3, in which she reprises her role of lawyer Sabrina Wong.

However, the actress, who secretly wed Qi Yuwu in September, turned just as cryptic as before when the topic of conversation switched from the series to her recent nuptials and new role as a wife. “[It’s] great!” was all she would offer.

Then, when prompted for updates on her wedding banquet, she inquired with a surprised expression, “Is everyone expecting one?” (“Yes.”) “Really?” (“Yes!”) [Ed note: the post-wedding press release from Artiste Management Division stated that it will take place next year.]

Joanne Peh’s wedding banquet “could happen really quickly”

Saying that she and Yuwu are “the kind of people that don’t plan too far ahead” because of their eventful and erratic work schedules, she’s leaving the formal celebration as something that “will happen when it happens”. “It’s just that we haven’t really sat down and talked about it yet.”

“Interestingly,” she added. “[This also means that] if we do decide to do something, it could happen really quickly. Maybe tonight we’ll have a discussion and it might happen next month, for all you know! Maybe it’ll be another surprise – and don’t you love surprises? (sly smile)” (Well, after that bridal bombshell, we don’t doubt that Mr. and Mrs. Qi would be capable of more of those.)

But the likelihood of the couple putting together a lavish wedding dinner by the end of the year, even a small one, seems low. Soon, the cast and crew of upcoming movie 1965 (which Joanne and Yuwu are both involved in) will be heading off to Batam for rehearsals and principal photography.

One thing’s for sure, though: Joanne loves children and wants to have them. “I don’t think I’ll ever be bored with children, or upset when they’re around.” She wants four kids but, “At this point in time, we’ll let fate happen and see where we go.”

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