Rebecca Lim wants more luck in love

The local actress has had a bountiful year in terms of work, but not in love

Rebecca Lim wants more luck in love
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For local actress Rebecca Lim, 2014 has been a good year. She bagged the Best Supporting Actress Award for her role in The Dream Makers (2013), accolades for Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes, and the Asian Skin Solution Award at Star Awards 2014. And let's not forget her recent nomination at this year’s Asian Television Awards (ATA) for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

But all these were just in terms of her career, which she is “grateful for”, she told xinmsn on Monday (Dec 8) at the imaging session for her upcoming drama The Journey: Our Homeland, which also stars Rui En. With regards to her love life, which has been as blank as a sheet of paper, Rebecca gave herself a thumbs-down.

She laughed, “I hope 2015 will be better, but if not then I’ll just wait for 2016, 2017, 2018…”

The 28-year-old, who revealed she has no time to look for anyone suitable, also added self-mockingly that no one else is actively pursuing her, so she will take things as they come.

As for her ATA nomination, Rebecca will attend the event this Thursday (Dec 11) with an open heart. “I never thought much about it as I don’t want to stress myself unnecessarily. Being nominated is already a good thing for me, of course, winning is a bonus but if not I’ll just dress up and be pretty there.”

Letting us in that she will turn up in a simple white Gucci dress, she went on to praise her fellow nominees Xiang Yun and Priscelia Chan of their craft among overseas talents and hopes that either of the two locals will win the award.

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Rebecca Lim will play Wan Fei Fei from the age of 18 to 60
Honoured to be part of SG50 drama

When asked how she felt to be part of the third and final installment of The Journey trilogy which is in conjunction with the nation’s 50th birthday, Rebecca let out an energetic “Yeah!” before giving a fist pump.

“I’m very happy to be part of the finale as it is my first period drama in Channel 8. I have only acted in Fighting Spiders (2010) on Channel 5 and the feeling was different because I was playing a prostitute then,” she explained, voicing her thoughts about the biggest challenge in a period drama – the lack of first-hand experience of living in that era where one can only depend on books or documentaries to bring out the authenticity.

This time, Rebecca will take on the role of Wan Fei Fei, who grew up in a poor family with her three siblings Wan Zi Cong (Ian Fang), Wan Zi Hua (Shane Pow) and Wan Fang Fang (Cheryl Wee). To pursue a better life, Zi Hua and Fei Fei take on odd jobs. Along the way, she meets Romeo Tan’s character and develops a romantic relationship with him.

Interestingly, she will play Fei Fei from the age of 18 to 60, which would mean many different kinds of outfits and images for Rebecca.

“I look forward to it very much, it’s something special. I can also prepare myself so that I know how I look like when I’m 60 years old,” she chuckled.

Pierre Png, Elvin Ng, Rebecca Lim and Romeo Tan in Cambodia (Photo: TAP Artiste Management Unit)
Warm welcome from Cambodian fans totally unexpected

Late last month, Rebecca travelled to Cambodia with MediaCorp artistes Romeo, Elvin Ng and Pierre Png to promote local dramas Yes We Can! and C.L.I.F. 3. To their delight and surprise, they were met with a warm welcome at the Phnom Penh airport.

“It was a different feeling – when were on the buses, the fans were following us in tuk-tuk [motorcycle with a cabin]. It was a cute sight!” Rebecca shared.

After filming local movie Judgement Day for three days in Phnom Penh two years ago and extending her stay for two more days, Rebecca fell in love with the charm and peacefulness of Cambodia and Siem Reap, where she visited this time round.

Following this short trip, the actress, who will also be busy with Channel U productions Second Chance and Xian Liang Ai Qing next year, expressed hopes for break next April to attend her younger sister’s graduation ceremony in Australia.

James Seah's character will be part of Singapore's first batch of National Servicemen
James Seah turns recognition into motivation

Joining Rebecca in playing a character ranging from 18 years old to his sixties is up-and-rising local star James Seah, who could not hide his excitement at seeing the older version of himself.

Dressed in a soldier’s outfit, the 23-year-old who just completed his national service, told xinmsn, “It’s quite an honour for me to play the first batch of National Servicemen in Singapore. In the show, I play Zhang Zhen Huan’s spoilt and unmotivated younger brother but National Service changed him into someone more driven.”

James Seah will play Yan Yi Min from the age of 18 to 66
James also expressed appreciation for being able to take part in both The Journey: Our Homeland and movie 1965, which is also another project in line with SG50. As one of the the Top 10 finalists of Star Search 2010, he's chosen to be motivated by these opportunities instead of pressured by them.  

Quoting a phrase, “Opportunities are for those who are prepared”, he said, “I will never think that I will be successful once I reach a certain stage, [otherwise] I will start to slack off.”

The Against The Tide actor, who will be filming 1965 in Batam till early January, also acknowledged his improved attitude towards work as one of this year's personal breakthroughs and hopes that audiences will enjoy what they see from him in 2015. 

The Journey: Our Homeland debuts 6 July 2015 on weekdays at 9pm on Channel 8. Subscribers can also catch new episodes in advance on Toggle-It-First.

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