SOLO DAYs with B1A4

The Korean quintet shared about their ideal solo days, careers and everything else in between

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B1A4 last hit our shores back in 2012 for joint concert Boyz Night Out and were due back again last year for MBC Korean Music Wave, which was unfortunately cancelled at the eleventh hour.

Local BANA (their official fan club name) can finally breathe easy for the quirky quintet will make their return for this year’s KStar Fanfest, which they will headline with Girl’s Day. Ahead of their descent on our little red dot, we caught up with the group in a rare, surprisingly (in a good way, of course) lengthy email interview.

The group has put out quality music throughout the years, with their fifth EP SOLO DAY touted as the perfect summer album. CNU shared, “I think many people like our songs because the lyrics are related to daily life, especially the people in our age! (sic)”

Given their title song was named ‘SOLO DAY’; we asked the members where they would choose to spend a solo day, resulting in a wide spectrum of answers: Jinyoung gushed about Russia being the perfect place to “get more musical inspiration”.

Sandeul mused, “England because it is the origin of famous artists such as the Beatles. If I could perform and rest there, I think I may be able to develop my musical sense.” Whereas CNU picked Germany for its sense of romance and Baro chose Mongolia as where he would “get energy that would help me become more humble in working.”

Rounding up the group, Gongchan picked Santorini for a unique reason: “It is famous as the filming site for the drink, Pocari Sweat!”

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Read on for all the other quirky answers B1A4 gave us, lest we leave out any details of the boys’ interview (the horror).

SOLO DAYs with B1A4

1.  Looking back at your career, which moment do you feel had the most impact on each member?

CNU: I think our first world tour ‘Road Trip’ had the biggest influence on me. I got to think and learn many things by visiting different countries. I want to make better music with those experiences and communicate with the fans!

Baro: The biggest influence on me was the trip to Laos. It was a trip where I could think about who I am as B1A4’s Baro, and as Cha Sunwoo.

Gongchan: For me, the kidney surgery I had in 2012 had the biggest influence. It gave me time to think about myself and become stronger!

2. Which music genres do you feel B1A4 has yet to try out but would like to explore?

Jinyoung: Electronic! I really want to do it sometime.

CNU: I want to challenge myself with the slow jam style.

Sandeul: I don’t want to be bound by genre! Rather, I want to try various genres in music!

Baro: I really want to do hip-hop since I am a rapper.

Gongchan: I want to make a song that really shows B1A4. Like ones that fans listen and say, “Oh! This is B1A4’s song!”

3. What is each member’s favourite song from your entire discography and why?

CNU: My favourite song is ‘Seoul’ written by me! I think it means a lot to myself, the fans, and the members as well.

Baro: My favourite song is ‘So fine’. I think it is good to listen to while relaxing! The lyrics are so sweet. If you haven’t heard it yet, I hope you should listen to it at least once!

Gongchan: The most memorable song is ‘Buckcha’! Sandeul and I sung in duet. It was a challenge to me and it helped me set up new goals!

Sandeul: My favourite song is ‘Solo day’. It is the title song of the latest mini album. It is a song that makes you feel refreshed! If you are feeling low or stressed out, you should listen to B1A4’s ‘SOLO DAY’!!

Jinyoung: My favourite song is the title song of our second official album, ‘Lonely’! Fans also love this song and I do too. It gives you a warm feeling when you listen to it in the cold weather! Do you want to listen to it together?

4. What is the one thing that you are most thankful for after coming so far in your careers?

Sandeul: I think the fact that fans are always with me! Even during my busy schedule, I feel my energy is filling up when I hear my fans shout when they watch us on the stage!

Baro: Yeah! I think the fact that there are our fans who listen and love our music is one of the most thankful things. We are so happy and thankful for our fans who are interested in our music, style, and everything!

5. Now that 2014 is coming to a close, what is the most memorable moment in 2014 and what is one thing you would like to do before the year is over?

Jinyoung: 2014 was a very meaningful year for us! The most memorable moment I think was the first stage after our album release! I cannot forget the heart pounds while singing the title song ‘Lonely’ after our second official album, ‘Who Am I’ early this year~

CNU: The times we filmed our music video in the US while preparing for ‘SOLO DAY’ album, released in the summer, was the most memorable. I don’t think I can ever forget the memory of going for a drive under burning California sun. They were the moments which I enjoyed the freedom of the 20s~

Sandeul: For me, it was ‘Road Trip’, the first world tour! I think we were learning and maturing as we were meeting fans from the world! I wanted to present music and performance inspired by new experiences and memories.

Baro: I don’t know if it would be possible since 2014 is almost coming to an end, but I want to backpack travel with all of the members! You might see us somewhere in Singapore.

Gongchan: On the last day of 2014, I want to leave very early in the morning to see the first sun of the new year. It would be better if my members were together, but I think that would be difficult because they sleep a lot. I want to make wishes while seeing the first sun of the year. One of my wishes would probably include being with the BANAs forever.

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