Stefanie Sun cements comeback with 4 wins at SHA 2014

Singapore songbird Stefanie Sun and Taiwanese artiste Aaron Yan emerged the biggest winners at the 19th Singapore Hit Awards 2014

Stefanie Sun cements comeback with 4 wins at Singapore Hit Awards 2014

Photos: Calvin Wong & Wu Qi
Videos: Foong Mien Shi, Vina Chia & Lye Yuk Sing

Stefanie Sun marked yet another memorable milestone in her singing career at last night’s Singapore Hit Awards 2014 (SHA 2014). The local songbird bagged a total of four trophies for Best Album Award (Kepler), Best Female Vocalist Award, Y.E.S. 93.3FM Pick of the Pops Most Popular Hit Award for ‘Angel’s Fingerprints’ and Most Popular Female Artiste Award and walked home the biggest winner of the night.

Currently shuttling between countries for her Kepler World Tour, Stef called the Best Album Award her most meaningful win for the night because “producing an album is a very tedious process” and “receiving recognition [for the album] from others is a big form of motivation [for me].”

“I’m really happy to be here tonight, said Stef, whose last attendance at this awards ceremony was in 2011, “We have a lot of musicians and a lot of people with dreams and a lot of talented singers. I met a lot of singers from Taiwan, Singapore and China and I am touched by them and their performances.”

Stefanie Sun cements comeback with 4 wins at Singapore Hit Awards 2014

Apart from namedropping James Morris-Cotterill (Yang Yong Cong), Bii and Li Rong Hao as newbies who have impressed her, there was one person, in particular, she felt strongly for – her fellow Best Female Vocalist award nominee Jia Jia.

“I was moved to tears while watching Jia Jia’s performance. All female singers have their own stories [to tell] and people who have inspired them. And my husband, who is also present today, is one of my inspirations too,” said Stef, during her award acceptance speech on stage.

Despite racking in the most awards, Stef’s celebratory plans are simple. “I’m going home and will probably put my awards by my baby’s side and let him hug them to sleep,” she chuckled.

So does she intend to have a second child soon?

“You guys are always forcing me [to answer such questions],” she laughed, “I have no plans for it currently. (What about in the future?) I’ll have to see if time allows.”

Aaron Yan: I’m so excited to meet Stefanie Sun

Aaron Yan bagged three wins at the Singapore Hit Awards 2014

Stef’s fans weren’t the only ones looking out for her yesterday. Aaron Yan, the second biggest award winner for the night with three wins in the Most Popular Male Artiste, Versatile Artiste and Listeners’ Choice: OSIM Favourite Album Cover category was equally ecstatic to finally meet his idol for the first time at the SHA 2014.

The actor-singer revealed his little fanboy side during his backstage interview with the media. “I’m a really big fan of hers,” he sheepishly laughed, “A lot of her songs have accompanied me through my growing up years, when I’m in love and when I’m out of love.”

One such song that accompanied him through a break-up in his teenage years, said Aaron, is ‘Ai Qing Ji Dian.’

Aaron Yan bagged three wins at the Singapore Hit Awards 2014

Sharing a little tidbit about an earlier conversation he had with Stef, Aaron quipped, “We just chatted about my trip to Singapore. I asked her if she’s been sleeping well because I know you don’t get much sleep when you’re raising a kid. And she said ‘It’s true’ and she does not have as much sleep these days, but it’s a happy burden for her.”

Thanking fans for their continuous support, Aaron, who will be turning 28 years old in a couple of weeks’ time, shared that is he especially heartened by his Most Popular Male Artiste Award win.

“It is the most meaningful [to me]. [At award ceremonies] I always see artsites like Eason Chen, Khalil Fong and Jam Hsiao getting recognition for their work. I am envious of them but I know that I’m not there yet and it keeps me going and working harder.

“Winning this award is a form of reaffirmation to my music and I’ve received a lot of positive energy from the award and tonight’s show too,” he said.

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