A-Mei falls on stage during Jody Chiang’s concert

“I’m so embarrassed right now, could we forget what just happened and do it over?”

A-Mei and Jody Chiang

Asia now has its own spectacle to rival Madonna’s colossal collapse during the Brit Awards this February: On Sunday night, Taiwan pop singer A-Mei fell on stage while performing as a special guest during Jody Chiang’s farewell concert tour.

A-Mei was invited to perform alongside folk singer Jody Chiang during the 17th concert in the latter’s farewell tour, held at the Taipei Arena. They were singing ‘The Wave of Summer’ when A-Mei shouted towards the audience, “Everybody, let’s move!” to hype up the crowd.

While dancing on stage, A-Mei made a misstep and toppled over in front of a shocked audience, making things really awkward for Jody.

A-Mei falls while onstage

After A-Mei got back on her feet, she said to the crowd, “I’ve performed more than a hundred concerts, but I’ve never fallen over before. I’m very emotional today.” A-Mei, who was unhurt from her fall, also jokingly asked media present to use less unglamorous photos of her careless move.

Jody expressed regret at A-Mei’s tumble at the concert, to which the feisty singer replied, “I stole the show back there. I’m so embarrassed right now, could we forget what just happened and do it over?”

The veteran songtress’ concert on Saturday at the same venue featured special guest Lee Hom, accompanied by his violin. Past special guests include JJ Lin, who performed a duet with Jody in July during the third concert in the tour.

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