148 senior monks prayed for Andy Lau’s recovery

The monks were engaged by Andy Lau’s wife, Carol Chu

148 senior monks prayed for Andy Lau’s recovery

Earlier this year, Andy Lau fell off a horse while filming a commercial in Thailand and suffered serious injuries as a result. After spending close to two months recuperating in a hospital, the Heavenly King was officially discharged last Friday (March 10).

Andy’s wife, Malaysian Carol Chu, stayed by his side, throughout the gruelling three months he spent in hospital,  taking care of all his needs.

Recently, insiders revealed Carol even contacted the Hisang-Te Temple in Taiwan and sought their help in finding 148 senior monks, who prayed for 53 days straight in hopes that Andy will recover soon.

It turns out that Andy had formed ties with the temple many years back, so Carol was hoping that the power of the Buddhist prayers would help Andy, who is a staunch Buddhist.

Andy also stayed strong throughout his hospitalisation, and tried to reduce his instake of pain-relief medication as much as possible.

The 55-year-old is on the mend and if his recovery goes well, he will be fit to resume work in the latter half of the year.     

Photos: PBE Media

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