5566 thanks fans with meet-and-greet sessions

Their variety show, The Hunger Games, has broken the two per cent viewership ratings mark

5566 thanks fans with meet-and-greet sessions

Fans of Taiwanese boy group 5566 have had much to cheer about this year, with the band reuniting at the Golden Bell Awards for the first time in eight years. Following which, they announced that they will be hosting a reality programme, The Hunger Games, albeit without fourth member Sam Wang.

While leader Tony Sun confirmed that the quartet only has a business relationship and are not the best of friends, he let on that their great chemistry when it comes to their jobs has translated to positive responses for their performances.

Their most recent episode of The Hunger Games, which was broadcast on November 27, reached the 2.02 per cent viewership ratings mark in the 20 to 44-year-old age bracket. The most popular segment has been reported to be the splash relay, in which celebrities take turns to splash water at each other.

Prior to the record-breaking feat, Zax Wang promised that they would hold fan meetings in various parts of Taiwan should they break the two per cent mark, with Tony stressing that the events would happen and that they would notify fans about the good news after details are confirmed.

He shared, “We’d want to have activities such as us feeding the fans or similar events in which we can get close to our fans, so that they can receive warmth from us during the cold winter.”

When speaking about the difficulties that they faced during filming, Zax revealed that the extended fasting that he had to go through during filming caused him to suffer from an acid reflux. His vocal chord nodules, which were once removed, became a problem because of this. However, he stressed that he would not forgo the fasting necessary for the programme in order to be fair to all participants of the show.

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